4-split mattress for JUMBO bed in Granite Grey, 90x9x200 cm

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The grey 4-split foam mattress size 90x200x9 cm from Hoppekids is a smart mattress for the ECO Dream JUMBO bed.

The JUMBO bed is a flexible bed where the lower bunk can be used both as a seating area and a bed. The mattress is used as cushions when the lower bed is used as seating area, and as a mattress when the lower bunk is used as a bed.

The mattress offers good support and comfort both when used as a mattress and as cushions. Use with a sheet to increase the mattress' durability when it is used as a bed.

Fits Hoppekids ECO Dream JUMBO bed size 90x200 cm.

The mattress comes with a mattress cover.
The mattress cover has a 3-sided zipper - which makes it easy to mount.

We recommend always using the mattress with a cover in order to increase the lifetime of the product. If the mattress is used as a bed, we recommend using a sheet as well.


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