Baby Beds & Cribs

A child's first room is always an important thing, so it also requires some proper furniture that both you and the child can feel secure in. 

That's why at Hoppekids we make it a point in selling furniture that makes sense, and why we always try to extend the life of our products. So you get the best products possible. This is also why our cradle, for example, can be converted into a bench. This ensures that you can enjoy the furniture long after the little one has outgrown the cradle. In addition, the ANTON crib is swan-labelled. The Swan label guarantees that the crib meets high quality and environmental standards, giving you peace of mind that your children's health is not at risk when they move in, on and around the crib. 

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When can you use a crib?

You can use a crib from the time your baby is a newborn. Some people buy a crib from the start, as a baby outgrows a cradle quickly and it is therefore easier for parents to buy a crib from the start. However, the disadvantage is that the baby does not get the benefits of being rocked. Being rocked helps to improve the child's motor skills.

Crib dimensions

Most cribs have a mattress size of 60×120 cm. A crib can typically be used from newborn to about 3 years old, when they outgrow the bed. After that, they can use a junior bed. 
Many of the cribs being made today come with adjustable height, so the bottom can be raised. 

Which mattress for the crib?

The best mattress for a crib is a foam mattress. But the mattress also needs to be breathable so your baby can get rid of the heat. 

At Hoppekids we have 2 different mattresses for the crib and the bassinet/cradle.

Our flax mattress is made of a foam core and a top layer of flax felt. Flax is a natural material which, besides from isolation, also prevents pressure marks in the mattress. Flax is very breathable and helps to maintain a good and comfortable temperature during the night, as well as removing sweat from the child. The flax mattress has a hardness level of 120 Newton.

Our other mattress is ECO Dream. The ECO Dream mattress is also a foam mattress and it is swan labelled and hypoallergenic. The mattress contains Waterlily® foam which is a high quality, environmentally friendly product that provides a springy, soft and comfortable feel. In addition, it has air channels to dissipate heat from the baby. The mattress also has a mattress cover consisting of soft bamboo fibres on the outside with quilted thermo wool inside, which wicks moisture and heat away from the body and ensures that the child does not get draughts. The ECO Dream mattress has a firmness level of 145 Newton. Read more about the mattress here

Crib with removable side

Crib with removable sidesThe crib from Hoppekids is super smart because one side can be removed, turning it into a bench. The extra bed side can be mounted under the, so it creates an extra shelve in the room.

Cradle vs Crib

For a newborn, a cradle can be a great idea. The cradle gives newborns a feeling of security after being inside the womb for 9 months. It may also be easier for the little one to stay warm in a cradle or smaller bed. The smart thing about the cradle is that it has rocking chair feet, so the baby is rocked, which helps to stimulate the sense of balance, which helps to improve the baby's motor skills. It's also easy to move the cradle so it's always close to you, so you can hear your child when he/she is sleeping, whether it's in the living room or in your bedroom. 

On the other hand, if you choose a crib, you will obviously have a bed for a few years and your child will have a lot of space to grow in. But you won't get the benefit of the cradle's movements in the baby's first few months. But in return, you won't have to go out and buy a new bed after six months. 

How to choose the right baby bumper

There are different types of bed bumpers. Some are thick, so they can stand on their own, others are thin and are tied with a small ribbon. 
A typical bed frame measures 60x120 cm, so it will fit a standard crib/cot. You can also get a bed bumper that measures 40x80 cm and this one fits the cradle. 

What are the benefits of a bed bumper?

A bed bumper is a protective layer that you can put on the inside of a cot/crib or cradle. The benefits of a bed bumper are that it helps protect your baby from hitting their head against the hard bars of the bed. It also makes sure that pacifiers  and teddy bears don't fall out of the bed during the night. It also helps to protect baby from the worst draughts and ensures that baby's legs and arms don't get caught between the bars. 

What to remember before buying a bed bumper?

One important thing to remember is that a bed bumper for a crib will get dirty quickly, so it's a good idea to choose a bed bumper that can be easily washed. 
If you choose a crib bumper for the cradle, it should be fairly neutral so that your baby is not overstimulated in the cradle. 

Before buying a bed bumper, it is a good idea to measure whether it fits, as some bed bumper may not fit the bed.