Changing Tables

When you decorate your new newborn's room, the changing table is just as important as a baby bed. Because you will have many diaper changes during the day. It is therefore important to have a good place to stand and where everything is near you. 

At Hoppekids, all changing tables are made of FSC® (FSC-C109484) -certified Pine and MDF, which means that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. In addition, the changing tables are surface-treated with environmentally friendly, water-based varnish, without harmful and unnecessary chemicals. So your child does not come in contact with harmful chemicals.

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Changing tables with storage

It's almost impossible to figure out what kind of changing table you should get, becuase there are so many options. You can get changing tables with drawers, with shelves, with both, some you can change into a dresser afterwards and so on. 

But a good start is to choose a changing table with drawers or a changing table with shelves, because then you have plenty of space to store nappies, creams, extra clothes, washcloths close by.
When all the things are close to you, when you change your child, it becomes easy to reach down for the things, while you have control over your child. It is therefore super smart to choose a changing area that allows you to have things close to you.

At Hoppekids you can also find changing tables with wheels, which makes it easy for you to move it around the room so  it does not get in the way. The changing table with wheels comes with 2 large shelves, so there is room for nappies ect.. And for the IDA-MARIE dressing table, you can get curtains so all the diapers and ect. are hidden. When your child is done with diapers and there is no longer a use for a changing tables you can turn the IDA-MARIE dressing table into movable shelves for the kid's room or somewhere else. 

Changing table with drawers

How tall are changing tables?

It differs how tall a changing table is, but at Hoppekids the height of a changing table is between 84-95 cm or 33.07 to 37 inches.

Are changing tables necessary?

No, changing tables are not necessary, but in the long run it may be a good idea to invest in a proper place where you can change your child because you are going to change many diapers through out the day.

A changing table don't necessarily have to be a real changing table, but it can also be a dresser where you place a dressing pad, but be aware of the height of it, so you stand as neutral as possible. 

How to clean a changing table

When it is time to clean the changing table you need:

  • A cloth 
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild soap

Now you just mix the water and soap and take the cloth so you can wipe down the changing table.

From changing table to dresser

Most of the changing tables from Hoppekids can be changed into a dresser when there's no longer a use for it as a changing table. 
The smart thing about choosing a changing table that can be changed into another furniture is that you can use the furniture for a longer period of time and thereby reducing your need for new furniture, which both enviromentally and economically better for you and the earth. 

10 things you need for your changing table

10 thing you need for your new changing table:

  • Diapers
  • Soft towels or cloth diapers
  • Washcloths (soft disposable or cotton cloths)
  • An extra set clothes
  • An extra pacifier
  • Creams, soaps and the like
  • Comb
  • Manicure sets (nail clippers, cotton swabs, etc.)
  • Trash can for used diapers 
  • Bowl with water - preferably with two compartments (for "head and tail")