Decorating with STOREY - The flexible shelves

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Decorating with STOREY - The flexible shelves  -

It can be really hard to figure out what to put in a child's room. One of the biggest challenges can be finding space for everything. Plus, kids are growing and developing all the time. This means that their needs change and that the children's room needs to have many functions.

In many homes, the nursery is one of the smaller rooms, but that doesn't mean children play less or want fewer toys.

A child's room should be used for play, relaxation, visits from playmates, homework, sleep, creativity, adventure and much more. It can therefore be a good idea to think about multifunctional furniture and flexible design. 

One example of a really smart flexible solution is the STOREY series. STOREY is a shelving system that can be expanded and rebuilt again and again. Just look how well STOREY fits into the small room at Apfelbäcken.

As the child grows, the system can be expanded and rebuilt to make room for toys and everything else that belongs in a child's room.

The multifunctional children's room

The shelves of the STOREY system allow you to adjust the height of the shelves in 56 different positions. This means that your child's favourite things can be on the bottom shelves, making it easy both to find the toys and to put them away again. Storey reolsystem

The multiple shelf heights of STOREY also allow shelves to be placed higher up, where little fingers can't reach. The system also comes with smart support pegs that help provide stability as the system grows, and they also work really well for hanging costume clothes on. 

As your child gets older and needs to do homework, you can add a desk to the system. The desk have an arch in front that allows the child to reach far enough in to rest their arms on the desk while drawing, doing homework or whatever.

The desk top, like the shelves, can be adjusted to 56 different heights. So you can easily find the right height and, of course, increase the height as your child grows. 

Different sizes

Once the shelf is well stocked with all your child's greatest treasures, STOREY can easily be extended with one or more shelf sections. The STOREY system is available in two widths, 100 cm and 80 cm, and can be combined to create a shelf of, say, 180 cm. However, please note that a shelf, desk or support of 80 cm will not fit into a section of 100 cm and vice versa. 

The Storey system also has a bed that fits into the shelf, saving on floor space and all your child's favourite things can be right next to the bed. The shelves in the bookcase can be used as a bedside table and it just makes a super nice and cosy effect.