Halfhigh Beds

Hoppekids have a large selection of half high beds with The Nordic Swan EcoLabel. We have our half-high beds in the PREMIUM and BASIC collection. A half-high bed gives you a lot of room for play and storage under the bed. The height of the beds gives the illusion of being up high without it feeling unsafe. 

See all half-high beds from Hoppekids on this page and read more about qualities, measurements, and accessories for your half-high bed.

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Room for more

The half-high bed from Hoppekids gives you much more space. The space under the bed can be used for extra storage, but it can also be transformed into a cosy cave. Put in a mattress and lots of pillows and then you have a little cozy cave, for your little ones. You could also hang one of our curtains and turn it into a castle for princesses, the possibilities are many.

Our halfhigh bed is available with and without a slide. The slide is a fun element for the child, turning the bed into a playground. The slide can me placed in both sides og the bed, so it fits your home.

The size of half-high beds

Our half-high bed are made in different sizes depending on the model. Our standard measurement is 90×200 cm which is available in every model. Some of the half-high models are also available in the sizes: 70×160 cm, 120×200 cm and 70×190 cm.

The half-high model has a height of 105 cm, which makes it the perfect height for smaller children so they can enjoy the view without feeling unsafe.

Beds with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

A large number of your beds are marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
The Nordic Swan label is your guarantee that the product has been tested on and complies with all EU standards in children’s furniture. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product’s life and when the product is to be disposed of. 

The surface is treated with water-based, environmentally friendly lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.

A bed with a slide

With the Hoppekids half-high bed, you can get a bed with a slide. Our PREMIUM and BASIC collection offer you the opportunity to turn your bed into a playground very easily. Choose the half-high bed with a slide and bring a lot of fun and joy into the children’s room.

You can choose which side the slide and ladder are placed and you can change it at any time. They just have to be placed at the opposite ends. The slide from Hoppekids has been tested for up to 50kg.

The right mattress

When you choose a mattress for the bed, you have to consider if it’s a BASIC or PREMIUM bed because it’s all about safety. When you choose a bed from the BASIC collection, the maximum height, of the mattress is set to be 9 cm, and for the PREMIUM bed, the maximum height, of the mattress is set to be 12 cm. These measurements are made because of safety reasons.