On this page, you can read more about our selection of house beds in modern and Nordic design. At Hoppekids, we produce and design with heart and soul focusing on safety and durability. That means, our products are developed to have a long life. Therefore, at Hoppekids, you will find house beds carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in a simple Nordic design - the perfect frame for styling the house bed exactly the way you wish.

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Das Hausbett von Hoppekids

Ist das ein Haus? Ist das ein Bett? Nein! Das ist das Hausbett – das Beste von den Beiden. Das Hausbett ist ein gemütliches Bett, das den Eindruck eines "Platzes im Raum" vermittelt. Das zurückhaltende, nordische Design des Bettes macht die Gestaltung des Zimmers  sehr einfach. Der starke Rahmen gibt einen wunderbaren Fasson, der in jedem Raum einen "Wow-Effekt" erzeugt.

Je nachdem, wie Sie den Raum gestalten und platzieren, werden Sie je nach Ihren Vorstellungen viele verschiedene Formen haben. Sie können wie das Bett so auch das Zimmer dekorieren - und wenn Sie noch mit dem Rahmen des Bettes spielen, fühlt es sich sogar noch mehr wie ein kleines Haus an.

Legen Sie das Bett gegen ein Wand, der in einer auffallenden Farbe ist um die Form des Bettes besser hervorzuheben!  ... und weil die Form so glatt ist, wird es den Blick nicht verderben, wenn die Bettdecke tagsüber ein wenig aus dem Bett schleicht. Das Hausbett lädt Sie zum Spielen ein. Spielen Sie mit Formen, Farben und Dekorationen.

Aber auch das Hausbett lädt Ihr Kind zum Spielen ein. Es ist die sichere und gemütliche Basis mit einem Platz zum Lesen, Kuscheln und einer guten Nachtruhe. 

What size is a house bed?

The house bed from Hoppekids is about 20cm above the floor - just like a regular junior bed. The short distance between floor and bed side means the house bed is great for both older and younger kids. This is also why we have house beds in 2 different sizes - one in the "regular" junior bed size 70x160cm and one in the adult size 90x200cm.

Hausbett 90x200

The house bed from our BASIC series is the size 90x200cm and thereby offers a lot of room to grow. It is obvious to play around with the graphic expression of the bed – place it either against a wall or pointing out from the wall to accentuate the beautiful shape.

The house bed in the BASIC series comes in two versions: a regular bed and a bed with a ladder. The ladder can make going to bed easier and a lot more fun.

The bed is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. It thereby lives up to strict standards regarding environment, health, quality, and safety – throughout the entire journey of the product.

Hoppekids BASIC Hausbett 90x200

Hausbett 70x160

The house bed from our IDA MARIE series is the size 70x160cm and thereby provides a safe and calm base for your child. Create a cozy cave-like feeling by decorating the bed with draping, light strings, or other decorations.

The bed is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. It thereby lives up to strict standards regarding environment, health, quality, and safety – throughout the entire journey of the product.

Find the IDA MARIE house bed here.

Hoppekids IDA MARIE Hausbett 70x160

Colored House Beds

Besides the classic white bed, the house beds from Hoppekids also come in two grey colors. A grey bed can give the room edge and a completely different expression. And like the white bed, the grey beds also come with accessories such as drawers to fit under the bed.

The BASIC House Bed in Smoked Pearl

The BASIC house bed from Hoppekids comes in both white and the color Smoked Pearl. Use the bed with a curtain from the Pets series and get an intense expression matching across the bed and the accessories.

Find the dark BASIC house bed right here.

BASIC Hausbett 90x200

The IDA MARIE House Bed in Dove Grey

The small IDA MARIE house bed from Hoppekids comes, besides white, also in the lovely color Dove Grey. For the bed, you can get both drawers and bed rail in Dove Grey, which can give more storage or provide extra security during the night.

Find the grey IDA MARIE house bed here.

IDA MARIE Hausbett 70x160

Get inspired by actual children's rooms

Here, you can fin inspiration from children’s rooms around the world to how you can decorate a room with a house bed as well as how the bed can be styled and decorated. The possibilities for decoration are endless – the only limit is your imagination. And regardless of size or color, you can of course get storage by choosing our spacious drawers on wheels.

First up, we are going on a trip to Sweden, where Lilie Biskopsdotter lives with her family. She loves decorating children's rooms and has sewn a totally unique "roof " for her daughter's bed. It interacts so well with the rest of the room and creates a real house-in-a-house effect.

Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett

Another solution that Lilie has made, is a pink curtain for the bed, which falls along the ends of the bed. Her daughter loves unicorns and pink colors, so this was a perfect solution for her room.

Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett


Next, we are going to the Netherlands, to see how Sonja styles her twins' bedrooms. Both her daughter and her son has a house bed in their room, so here is inspiration on how to style the bed for a boy's room and a girl's room. The bed is great in contrast to a colored wall or walls with colorful wallpaper, which Sonja is using in both rooms. For her son, she has made a unique roof that completes the house feeling. The mix between materials gives the rooms a completely one-of-a-kind look.

Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett

For her daughter's bed, Sonja used draping over the roof of the bed - resulting in the coziest bed in all of the Netherlands. At night, the draping wraps itself around the lights and becomes the perfect cave for goodnight stories.

Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett
Hoppekids Hausbett

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