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Hoppekids Care®

Hoppekids is a universe for the children. Everything we do is about them and all of our activities have the shared goal of making the world a better place for them. The children are the reason we create high quality furniture, focus on sustainability and provide a helping hand for children all over the world. What is the point of supporting the children if we do not leave a healthy world for them to live in?

Because it is all about the children, it is automatically also about the world we hand over to them. However, furniture alone cannot save the world. We need more helping hands to create ripples in the surface.

Where to start?

If we want to change the world, we have to start with ourselves. That is why we have worked on optimizing our company and our products. By producing FSC® (FSC-C109484)-certified  and Nordic Swan Ecolabelled furniture and textiles from Oeko-Tex® certified piece goods we make a difference in safety and health in the children’s room. Through the furniture we support the environment and sustainability in the world where our children are growing up.

We consider a healthy organization as a fundament of being able to help. Every day we work on creating an economic foundation which enables us to create real change through continued support.

It’s about getting involved

As a company we help through economical support. However, it is our philosophy that it is incredibly useful to help those who help the children. Therefore we work with several projects and initiatives that has a focus on creating a lasting difference for the people who fight for children firsthand.

”I want to reach a place where our support works as a lever for other people’s ideas and commitment and motivate more to help”

René Stenvang, founder of Hoppekids

We support several local foodball clubs in Denmark because they are a fantastic symbol on all the volunteers in the world who put a lot of energy and time in helping. Not just helping the local communities, but also helping the children and those who have a difficult life. At Hammerum Special Olympics is the weekly exercise and the volunteer’s efforts helping their disabled players to create a better, healthier life with more friendships. The self-esteem is boosted because the team allow for anyone to participate regardless of skill level. Consequently, this also means that bullying is virtually as non-existing.

”It motivates when you can see the passion in the eyes of those who create a real difference first hand. Feel their gratitude for helping them. This boosts their motivation and power to do even more”

René Stenvang, founder of Hoppekids

We are sustainable together

It is our hope that our help, support and sustainable initiatives create ripples in the surface and inspire people to do the same – regardless of how much or how little you are able to do. We are strongest if we stand together to help and support each other with carrying the load.

” We can all contribute a little in our day to day life. It is the sum of all the small things which really creates a difference”

René Stenvang, founder of Hoppekids

We believe that the big changes in sustainability come from a multitude of small changes in our day to day life. By changing the small things and helping where you can. Because if everyone of us make a small contribution whenever we can, find the passion in ourselves and give more than we take then we collaborate on making the future even better – for us and our children.

With heart and soul is not merely our slogan…

… We also strive to live by this philosophy. Therefore, following our participation at the IMM fair in Cologne in January 2020, we chose to donate all the furniture from our stand to the Anna-foundation in Cologne, who provides a place for children to feel support, encouragement, and comfort. Our furniture was thereby given a second life and is perhaps even a part of providing children with a better start in this world.

Initiatives we are supporting


Hoppekids - the Childrens Furniture Manufacturer from Denmark supports Save the Children, the world’s largest independent organization for children’s rights. If you want to know more or even join in to make the world a better place, click here!


Childrens Beds and Childrens Furniture Manufacturer Hoppekids cares about the future of the Children and helps funding Research on Sclerosis with RAP om KAP on Funen. RAP om KAP is a rubber duck race. Curious on how that help and how you could help? Read more here!


Childrens Furniture Manufacturer Hoppekids supports Lykkeliga -  The happiest league of handball, fighting for unity and acceptance. If you want to know what Lykkeliga is and what it does, click here.

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