From Cot to Junior Bed

Are you thinking about moving your child from a cot to a junior bed? And if so, which bed to choose? Then keep on reading!

The ecolabelled IDA MARIE is a popular children’s bed with a classic and timeless design. With a size of 70x160cm IDA MARIE can provide a smooth move from cot to children’s bed.

The size also makes IDA MARIE perfect for smaller rooms, where floor space is often limited.

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When should your child move to a junior bed?

There is no specific age for when a child should move from a cot to a junior bed. Is your child physically getting too big for the cot, or are you perhaps experiencing escape attempts? Now would be the time to change to a junior bed.

Sleep is very much about feeling safe. Has your child been used to sleeping in a cot, it might be a good idea to begin with a smaller children’s bed as a transition from cot to junior bed/adult bed.

IDA MARIE from Hoppekids is a collection of Ecolabelled smaller children’s beds with the measurements 70x160cm. The smaller bed can work well as a transition bed and create a safe base for your child. The IDA MARIE collection has a great selection of colors and contains both junior beds and house beds in the 70x160cm size.

IDA MARIE Junior bed

The simple DA MARIE junior bed has a mattress size of 70x160 cm, which makes it ideal as transition bed. 

Besides the classic white color, the IDA MARIE junior bed is available in 6 wonderful colors that add life and personality to the room without dominating the décor.

IDA MARIE carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - and this, of course, goes for both the white as well as the other colors.

Accessories for your junior bed

For IDA MARIE, you can choose both drawers and a safety rail for the bed. The safety rail can provide comfort for both you and your child and can be a great accessory for, especially small children. It can easily be moved or removed, so the bed is free for play during the day.

The spacious drawers are obvious for bedding, pillows, toys, and other childhood treasures.


Is the combination of our popular house bed and the small size of the IDA MARIE bed. The Ecolabelled house bed is 70x160cm and gives the room a fantastic graphical expression.

Soothing colors

The little house bed is available in the classic white color as well as the calm Dove Grey, which provides a nice base for decorating the bed.

Like the junior bed, the IDA MARIE house bed carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - applicable for both the white and the grey version.