Large selection of certified children's beds

The children's bed is the most important piece of furniture in the children's room. So go explore our wide range of kid’s beds with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel this includes junior beds, bunk beds and many more for your child.

Kid's beds that are better for the enviroment

Kids' beds from Hoppekids

At Hoppekids, we are committed to making children's beds that are functional, safe and made with the environment in mind. This means, that we happily can say that our bed series: ECO Dream, ECO Luxury and ECO Comfort are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which make them better for the environment. And because we think, a kid's bed is not just a place where children sleep - it's also a place where they play and develop. We also want kids to use their bed to the fullest. That's why you can decorate the house bed, canopy bed, the half high bed and the mid-high bed with the cutest textiles in different themes, so you have the coolest caves in and under the bed.

The children's beds from Hoppekids are all made of FSC®(FSC-C109484)-certified wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. And all of which are lacquered with an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer that is free of unnecessary chemicals. In addition, almost all the beds carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


Modular children's beds

The great thing about Hoppekids kid's beds is that most of them are modular. A modular bed means you can change how the junior bed looks. If you have the 90x200xm junior bed from the ECO Dream or ECO Luxury series, you can change it into a bunk bed, half high bed, loft bed and so much more with the modules. This extends the life of the bed itself and can give you more floor space in the room as the child grows older. 

Bed Accessories
Bed Accessories
Looking for drawers or a pull-out bed for your junior bed. With Hoppekids bed accessories you will find a wide range of bed accessories, including our modules.
Bed Textiles
Bed Textiles
With Hoppekids bed textiles, you can decorate your child's room in the finest themes and colours. You can for example find cushions and curtains for the bed.
Bed Combinations
Bed Combinations
Are you looking for a junior bed with mattress or curtain. Then take a look at our bed combinations, which we offer for almost all our children's beds.

The most important furniture for kids

Quality kids' beds from Hoppekids

Sleep is an important part of children's everyday lives, as it helps them get rested for the next day's games. That's why it's essential for children to have a good bed to sleep in. But a junior bed is never just for sleeping. Most of the time, they are also used as dens or as a relaxation area during the day.

With a Hoppekids children's bed, there are almost endless possibilities to customize the bed according to your child's wishes. It may be that your child would like a bed with a slide, so that they can both have a cave under the bed and be allowed to slide out of bed in the morning. Or maybe you're looking for a loft bed to add more space to your room. With a Hoppekids children's bed, there are almost endless possibilities to decorate the bed and customise the bed as you wish.

Children's beds

For us, the children's room is so much more than just a room with furniture in it. For us, the kid's room is the safe base from which your child explores the world, learns about big and small, and where their imagination runs free. It's also the place where your child finds peace and security, and where a good night's sleep plays an important role.

At Hoppekids, we strive to make high quality children's beds. The beds with the Nordic Swan Eco-label have high standards for both safety and the chemicals used in the furniture, which is why children's beds with the Nordic Swan Eco-label are some of the best on the market. Children need a good bed to sleep in, just as much as adults do. But our wooden children's beds can be used for more than just sleeping. More often than not, they're turned into a more creative kids' bed, where it's used as a pirate ship, spaceship, princess castle, cozy reading area and more - only the sky's the limit.

At Hoppekids we have beds for both small and big children. We have a large selection of children's beds in different sizes and with different features. We have beds with slides, drawers or stairs, and they can all be put together in different ways. Our junior beds can be developed and built higher to create more space for the kid's. Our Junior Beds can be converted into half-high, mid-high and high beds - this way the Junior Beds can be used for many years and changed as needed.