Do you lack space in the room ? Or do you have difficulty finding space for all the toys in the children's room?  With Hoppekids drawers for the bed, you can get a lot of storage without it taking up more space in the room. The drawers are available in both sets for a 70x160 cm bed and a 90x200 cm bed.

All drawers are fitted with wheels so they can be easily pushed in and out. It makes easy for children to access their toys.

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Junior bed with drawers

Beds with Drawers

In the children's room, there are typically a lots of toys, and sometimes it seems completely unmanageable to have room for everything. But with drawers under the bed, you can easily fit much more inside the room. The drawer sets from Hoppekids fit both 70x160 cm and 90x20 cm beds, no matter if it is for a bunk bed, house bed, Canopy bed or if it is for a normal junior bed.

Many people think that drawers can only be used to toys storage. Therefore, it probably sounds a little crazy, what is coming, one thing they can also use is to play with. If your child e.g. love lego and build small cities with it, then the drawers can be used as a play board. Here the child can have the cities standing in, but without it filling the whole room. You can therefore easily store the lego away without anything breaking, and without having to jump over the whole lego to avoid stepping on it.