Pull Out Beds

Who doesn't like the idea of that extra bed, that's easy to set up and that can be removed in a second? If you are that person - a pull-out bed will be perfect.

The pull-out bed is the ideal bed, for people who want to use all the space in a room. Doing the day the bed can be used as a sofa and when it's time to sleep, you have that extra sleeping space. You can also put away the bed doing the day and then you have plenty of room for playing.

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childrens bed with pull out bed

Pull out bed for childrens bed

With a Hoppekids pull-out bed you can fit in an extra sleeping space without it taking up any space. The different styles on the beds allow you to find one that fits your need - both with and without storage space.

So with a pull-out bed, you get:

  • A bed that's comfortable and doesn't take up space
  • A bed that makes it easy to have a sleepover
  • A bed that comes in multiple styles

The beds from Hoppekids are made in solid pine, which makes them super durable and of good quality. The beds are all FSC certified, which means that the wood that is being used comes from forests that are replanted and that we don't use more wood than we need. And all the animals and plants from the forests are also protected.

Mattress for pull-out beds

When choosing a mattress for your pull-out bed, remember that the maximum height of the mattress is 9 cm, otherwise it cannot go under the bed, which is the main advantage of a pull-out bed. We offer many wonderful mattresses for the pull-out bed, but when choosing a mattress for the pull-out bed, you need to pay attention to the dimensions. Hoppekids' pull-out beds are available in 2 sizes: 70x190 and 90x190 in both foam and cold foam. You can read about all our mattress types here.

Hoppekids pull-out bed

Among Hoppekids pull-out beds, you will find 3 different models. There is the classic pull-out bed, which fits the junior beds, bunk beds, house beds and canopy beds from the ECO Dream and ECO Luxury series and the bunk bed from ECO Comfort series. This pull-out bed fits all beds with dimensions of 90x200cm, as the pull-out bed itself has mattress sizes of 70x190cm. The pull-out bed is the perfect solution if you often have overnight guests or if an adult needs to be close by when your child is falling asleep. This pull-out bed also features small wheels, so you can easily pull it out and slide it under the bed. 

Then there's the pull-out bed for the DELUXE beds. This pull-out bed is available in 2 sizes: 90x190 and 70x190cm. The advantage of these pull-out beds is that it also has built-in drawers, so you get some more storage space in your room. 

And the last pull-out bed is the lounge module. The lounge module is perfect for loft beds, as you have the option to use the module, as a small sofa when you don't need to use it as a bed. This also allows you to make better use of the space in the room. Since the lounge module can be adjusted in length, it also requires a special mattress, which you can find right here.