Bunk Beds

The perfect bunk bed for the shared room or the cottage. With a bunk bed from Hoppekids, there's more room for fun in your room. 

The bunk beds come with curtains, from our gorgeous textile themes and with the softest mattresses that provide good support.

The bunk beds are available in both our ECO Dream series and ECO Luxury series and in a dividable and non-dividable version. The dividable bed, allows you to change the bed later, if you also want a junior bed, high bed or something else.

bunk bed with mattress

Bunk bed with mattresses

With our Bunk bed bundles you get a bunk bed with mattresses. You can choose between one of four different mattresses for your bunk bed, you just have to chooose which one it is:

  • The foam mattress: the foam mattress is a fine mattress for the children's bed. The mattress provides good support which contributes to a comfortable sleep. 
  • The cold foam mattress: cold foam is known for its firmness and high comfort. The mattress therefore provides good support while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Cold foam mattresses approved according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (64406 OETI).
  • ECO Dream mattress: the ECO Dream mattress is one of our hypoallergenic mattresses, which is swan-labelled. The mattress is made of a Waterlily® foam core, which provides even better comfort than a cold foam mattress. In addition, it has horizontal air channels, which ensure that heat and moisture from the child do not collect on the surface, but are conducted away, so that your child can get rid of the heat. 
  • ECO Luxury: The ECO Luxury mattress is our second hypoallergenic mattress, which is also swan-labelled. The mattress is also made from a Waterlily® foam core. However, the Luxury mattress also has a 3 cm top layer, which is made of Celsius Visco Elastic foam that forms after the body for maximum support. This provides significant pressure relief for the child’s body and head, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Bunk bed measurements

A bunk bed from Hoppekids measures 200x90 cm and 160x70 cm. With a 200x90 cm bunk bed, there is also room for adults to sleep in the bed. There's also the possibility to convert the bed into two junior beds, which can then be converted into a half-high bed, high sleeper, etc. later on.