Halfhigh Beds with Slide

Find a fun and adventurous bed for your child. With a half high bed with slide, your child will have a lot of fun in their room. The bed not only makes getting up in the morning fun, but it's definitely the bed all the other kids wish they had. 

Below, you'll find all of our half-high beds with slide, which are put together with a curtain from one of our wonderful universes. In addition, you'll also find a complete package including a half high bed with slide, curtain and mattress, so it's easy for you to get it all together. 

half high bed with slide

How tall is a half high bed?

A half-high bed is between 105 and 114 cm tall and the space under the bed is between 69 and 72 cm. 

The difference in height is due to the ECO Comfort series having a higher bed side, which helps to provide more security. In addition, the ECO Comfort series has thicker posts, as it is the series that can be expanded into the most different beds. 

Half high bed with cave

With our bundles you get a half high bed with a cave. Because when the bed is raised off the floor, it automatically gives you more floor space. This space can be used to store toys, but it can also be very easily converted into the cosiest cave. 
The cave can be decorated with a small lights to bring some light in, and it can also be filled with cushions to make it soft and cozy.

When can you use a half-high bed with a slide?

A child can use a half high bed with a slide from the age of 4-5. Some children can use them earlier and others later, but it is very individual when a child can use a half high bed. It is therefore important that you decide when your child has the right skills to climb into bed. 
If your child is not completely comfortable sleeping up in bed from the start, you can put the mattress under the bed and start by making it cosy that way. Then you can use the bed during the day to play in so your child get used to the bed.

half high bed with slide