House Beds

House beds for children. All Hoppekids house beds are Swan-labelled, this means that the beds meet high quality standards and that all beds are free of harmful chemicals. 

With a house bed you create a room-in-room feeling. You can even decorate the bed with fairy lights, flags or a curtain, so it gets more character. The Hoppekids house bed is available with both drawers for all the toys, a bed frame to provide a little extra security and a curtain so the bed can be used as a den doing the day.


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house bed with mattress

House bed with mattress

With our ECO Comfort bundles you get a house bed with mattress. You can choose between one of four different mattresses for your house bed:

  • The foam mattress: the foam mattress is a fine mattress for the children's bed. The mattress provides good support which contributes to a comfortable sleep. 
  • The cold foam mattress: cold foam is known for its firmness and high comfort. The mattress therefore provides good support while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Cold foam mattresses approved according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (64406 OETI).
  • ECO Dream mattress: the ECO Dream mattress is one of our hypoallergenic mattresses, which is swan-labelled. The mattress is made of a Waterlily® foam core, which provides even better comfort than a cold foam mattress. In addition, it has horizontal air channels, which ensure that heat and moisture from the child do not collect on the surface, but are conducted away, so that your child can get rid of the heat. 
  • ECO Luxury: The ECO Luxury mattress is our second hypoallergenic mattress, which is also swan-labelled. The mattress is also made from a Waterlily® foam core. However, the Luxury mattress also has a 3 cm top layer, which is made of Celsius Visco Elastic foam that forms after the body for maximum support. This provides significant pressure relief for the child’s body and head, ensuring a good night’s sleep.


House bed with drawers

With bundles you find a total package, which includes a house bed and drawers. The drawers from Hoppekids measure: W153xD60xH19 cm and they fit beds with mattress size 70x160 cm. The drawers are fitted with wheels so that they can be easily rolled in and out whenever it is necessary.

How tall is a house bed?

A house bed is a total of 175 cm high. In addition, all the house beds from our bundles measure 70x160cm, which corresponds to a junior bed. The beds are perfect for smaller rooms where floor space is limited. The house bed is also great for creating a room-in-room feeling, you can even get a curtain so the bed become even more cosy. 

House bed for kids

The House bed from Hoppekids is the perfect bed for children. The House Bed is swan-labelled, which means it's free from harmful chemicals and meets strict safety requirements.

The House bed comes in two colours, the white one and one in Dove grey, which is a beautiful greyish colour. Both colours go really well with the Pets curtain. The Pets curtain represents a small house as it is decorated with two small windows and it helps create the coziest cave for children.