Junior Beds

With our junior bed bundles, it's easy for you to find a complete packege with bed, mattress, drawers and a safety board. So go and discover which ECO Comfort junior bed you would like and which accessories you need for the bed.

The ECO Comfort Junior bed measures 70x160 cm and is the perfect bed for the child who is not quite ready for a big bed or for those small rooms where space is limited. 

The great thing about the junior bed is that it comes in several different colours, so there should be a bed that fits into your home.

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junior bed med drawers

How big is a junior bed?

The standard dimensions for a junior bed is 70x160 cm, which the ECO Comfort bed also measures.

Some junior beds measure 90x200 cm and the great thing about these beds is that there are many options for building the bed bigger as the child gets older. With the ECO Luxury series from Hoppekids, there is both the junior bed 70x160 cm, but also the large model, which gives you almost endless possibilities to change it later. 

Junior bed with drawers

A junior bed with drawers gives you plenty of storage without taking up space in the room. The drawers for the ECO Comfort bed come in the same colour as the bed so they blend in with everything else. 

The two drawers for the junior bed measure in total 153x19x60 cm, so they fit right under the bed.


Junior bed with mattress

With the junior bed bundles you can get a 70x160 cm junior bed with mattress. This makes it easy for you to find a mattress that fits the bed. 

With bundles, you can choose between different mattresses for the junior bed, so you get the best mattress for your child. You just have to choose between a foam mattress or a cold foam mattress. 

The cold foam mattress is a firm mattress with good ventilation and high comfort. The mattress provides good support while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night as heat is conducted away from the body. 

Both mattresses are Oeko-tex 100 certified.

junior bed with mattress