Hoppekids Maja Deluxe bed 90x200 cm with 2 Medium Bed ends, Coldfoam Mattress and Pullout Bed 70x190cm - Mattress Cover Color: Black

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This Hoppekids MAJA DELUXE Set consists of
  • 1 MAJA Bed with 2 mid high bed ends
  • 1 Pullout Bed 70x190cm with Foam-Mattress and Mattress-Cover
  • 1 Coldfoam-Mattress 90x200 for the main bed with quilted Mattress-Cover in

This fine MAJA DELUXE sofa bed with two medium bed ends from Hoppekids is a cute and nice sofa bed. The bed ends with the nice details gives the bed a classic design with a modern twist. Combine the bed with lovely accessories to create the perfect sofa bed for your children's room.

Hoppekids DELUXE is the classical Children Bed. There are lots of attention to details – both on the bed and on the accessories. The result is a comfortable bed with in a high quality. All DELUXE beds are size 90x200 cm.

A removable safety rail is also available. This makes the bed a great step up from the baby bed. The safety rail can either be removed during the day or fixed to the bed using screws. The screws are placed on the inside of the bed - leaving the outside free of visible marks.

The pull out bed for the DELUXE bed from Hoppekids is the perfect combination because it offers spacious storage and an extra bunk in one! At the same time, it utilizes the entire height under the bed, so there is no unnecessary waste of space.

The pull out bed fit mattresses size 70x190x9 cm. If you have lots of space in front of the bed you can consider the pull out bed size 90x190x9 cm.

The Pullout-Bed is equipped with a Foam-Mattress and Mattress-Cover made of 100% Cotton

The Coldfoam mattress for the main bed is size 90x200x12 cm made from Hoppekids. It is a firm mattress with high comfort and air flow. The mattress offers great support and a comfortable temperature during the night. It comes with a quilted Mattress Cover made of 100% Cotton.

Material: FSC® (FSC-C109484)-certified pine wood and MDF
Treatment: Water-based lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.
Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard-wrung cloth and mild soapy water.

Dimensions Bed: 216x64x96 cm (LxHxD), Height under the bed: 35cm
Mattress Size 90x200cm


Dimensions: 198x35x78 cm (LxHxD).

Fits mattress size 70x190x9 cm.
Max. Mattress height for Pullout Bed: 9 cm.

Foam-Mattress for Pullout-Bed:

Dimensions mattress: 70x190 cm, Height 9cm.

The Mattress is made of foam.

Mattress-Cover is made from 100% Cotton


Dimensions mattress: 90x200 cm, Height 12cm.

Fits beds size: 90x200 cm.

The Mattress is made from cold foam.

The Mattress has body zones with ventilation wedges.

Rel. density: : 40-43 kg/m3.
Hardness: 170-210 Newton.

Mattress-Cover is made from 100% Cotton


Series: DELUXE
max. Mattress Height: 12 cm
BedPosts: 1020x100 mm
Product Height: 640 mm
Product Width: 960 mm
Product Length: 2160 mm
Shipping weight: 94,20 kg
Item weight: 91,00 kg