Hoppekids Curtain for mid high bed 90x200 cm, Fairytale Knight

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The hand sown curtain from Hoppekids creates a magical fairytale world in the children's room. When you attach the curtain to the bed it is no longer a bed. Instead it's a space ship, a castle, a time machine or what ever else your imgagination might fancy.

The curtain creates a cozy cave below the mid high bed, making it the perfect place for playtime or when your child needs a break from the rest of the world. Decorate the cave with lots of nice things, such as a mattress, pillows, blankets, fairy lights and so on.

There are lots of matching textiles from the universe Fairytale Knight.

NB! This curtain fit ECO Dream and ECO Luxury mid high beds with mattress size 90x200 cm.

Bed and other accessories are sold separately.

Universe: Fairytale Knight.

Material: 100 % Cotton

Cleaning: Can be washed at 30 degrees. Can be ironed using the iron's cotton-setting. Do not tumble dry.

The curtain is sown completely or partially by hand. There may be small threads on the curtain which which might need to be removed before using the curtain.

Fits mid high bed size 90x200 cm.

Wire set and hooks are included.
Contains: 1x wire 200cm, 2x wire 90 cm, as well as 3 hooks for mounting the curtain on the bed.


Bedsize: 90x200cm
Product Width: 900 mm
Product Length: 2000 mm
Shipping weight: 0,60 kg
Item weight: 0,55 kg