Halfhigh with Slide

The perfect bed for the child who dreams of a slide in his room. With the half-high bed with slide, your child will have space for cosy caves under the bed and the possibility for them to slide out of bed in the morning.

And should you want to hide some of the toys away to make more room in the room, you can get the cutest curtains for the bed. 

So take a look at our half-high beds with slides and read more about why you should choose this bed. 

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Indoor playground? Yes please!

Are you considering making the children’s room a bit more fun?  Make a indoor playground with a slide in the room. It is a fantastic source for many hours of fun – and on a rainy day it is a bit more fun to see your child slide in the room instead of outside on the playground.

Besides the many opportunities for playing and having fun, there are also a lot of other benefits of a half high bed with slide. When your child crawls up in the bed, slides down and crawl up again, the child develops its motor skills. They learn to control their body in a better way. Suitably challenging physical opportunities for development are essential for your child in enhancing their motor skills. (Danish Health Authorities).

Half high bed with slide

Our beds with slide are half high and white, which makes them simple in expression and easy to adapt to the rest of the room.  The slide can – like the ladder – be placed in both sides of the bed, so you can make the bed fit the decor of your particular children's room.

If you are not completely certain whether a slide is the right choice for your child, you can always add it later. If you buy a dividable half high bed – whether it is an ECO Dream or ECO Luxury – the slide can be purchased and attached later. Likewise, it can also be removed later.

Which mattress for a half high bed

According to safety standards, a mattress height of 9cm is recommended for the ECO Dream half high beds & a mattress height of 12cm is recommended for the ECO Luxury half high beds.

When you know what height the mattress should be, you can start looking at what type of mattress it should be. Whether it should be a foam mattress, coldfoam mattress, or an allergy-friendly ECO mattress.



Half high bed with space to play

With a half high bed with slide from Hoppekids there is lots of space for playing and fun moments. A half high bed is 105 cm high and are therefore a perfect bed for the younger children or children who are not quite ready to have a high bed, but still wants to sleep in the heights. With a half high bed with slide, it is possible to combine that with the opportunities for a lot of storage and plays. If you need storage, our Hoppekids bookshelf on wheels can be used under the bed. The bookshelf is available in two sizes and can be used, among other things, for storage of toys. Hoppekids half high bed with slide are available in the measures: 70x160 cm, 90x200 cm and 120x200 cm.

Curtains for half high beds with slide

The space under the bed can be used for many things – right from storage to a playground. You can for example make a cave under the bed and optionally make it extra cozy with a mattress, lots of pillows and light chains. For this, a play curtain for the half high bed could be a good accessory and be a part of changing the look of the bed. Do you looking for inspiration for your room, take a look at our textile themes. Here you will find different curtains for a half high bed. The Curtain for a half high bed with slide is the same as for a normally half high bed. That also means, that if you decide to remove the slide, the curtain can still be used.

When can you use a high children's bed?

Whether you can choose a high bed for your child or when the time is right depends on your child. We recommend our half high bed for children in the age of 4-5 years, but someone chooses a high bed sooner and thats is of course also a possibility. Take a look at your child and evaluate from here whether a high bed is the right. To habituate for the high of the bed, you can start by sleeping on a mattress under the bed. Then your child can play in the bed during the day and get used to the high. shortly, the child is completely safe in the high bed.