High Beds

Does your child need more space in their bedroom? With a loft bed, you can make the most of the space in their room - so there's room for other furniture too. The high beds from Hoppekids are made in a Nordic design that focuses on functionality and quality. It is therefore possible to have both a desk and a lounge module under the bed, which can also be used as a bed when your child has friends over.

And if necessary, most high beds can be converted into our other beds so that younger siblings can benefit from the bed.

See the high beds here and read more about why you should choose a Hoppekids high bed.

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The benefits of a high bed

Hoppekids have a big selection of high beds. Our high beds is perfect for older children who needs more space in the room. The high bed gives even more space in the room and gives your child the possibilities for having a small workplace under the bed.

With a high bed, you have even more possibilities to utilize the space under the bed. You can make it into a work corner where there is space to unfold your artistic skills. You can also utilize the space for an extra seat and make it into a small TV corner.

There are 143 cm under the bed from the underside of the bed to the floor, so it is only the imagination that sets limits for what the space can be used for.

Hoppekids also have a high bed with a desk which runs along the entire bed. Thereby, your child or teenager has a lot of space to get loose, whether it is with coloring or making homework.

With our Hoppekids ECO Luxury MEGA high bed, you will have even more opportunities to make the room cozy. The MEGA high bed is both available with a little desk and a lounge module, which can be made into an extra bed.

With the MEGA high bed there will be space to have friends over but also have a corner where it is possible to immerse into homework without the room has to be filled with a lot of big furniture. Your child will instead have really good space in the room to play, dance and just have fun.

High beds in high quality

Many of the high beds from Hoppekids carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. That means that you can depend on that the high beds will last for many years and your child always can be certain about that the bed is in a high quality and safety. The beds with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel are also free of harmful chemicals, which secure a much healthier day for your child.

Our high beds also have the TÜV certificate. TÜV is an acknowledged German security company, who offers independent tests of a big number of products, including furniture. The test is making sure that the furniture lives up to or is better than applicable standards.

Our ECO Luxury and ECO Dream series are tested to live up to a DS/EN747, which requires the safety of a high bed where the mattress is over 60 cm above the ground. Vi continuously test all products in these series.

High beds with Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The high beds from Hoppekids carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. That means that you are guaranteed that the products comply with all EU standards for children's furniture and that they have been tested. In addition, care is taken for the environment when the products are purchased, produced and throughout their lifetime, as well as when the product is to be disposed of.

The surface of the products is treated with environmentally friendly and water-based lacquer, which is free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances.

Which mattress for a high bed

When you choose, a mattress for the bed, you have to consider if it's a ECO Dream or ECO Luxury bed because it's all about safety. When you choose a bed from the ECO Dream collection, the maximum height of the mattress is set to be 9 cm. And for the ECO Luxury bed, the maximum height, of the mattress is set to be 12 cm.

Besides the high on the mattress, you will also have to consider what ability the mattress should have. Should it give maximum support and be allergy friendly, or should it just give a good support? Read more about the different mattresses who fit a high bed right here.

You can have high beds which have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, but you can also have a mattress for the high bed which have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The mattress with the Nordic ecolabel not only gives a better support, but it is also better for the indoor climate because the mattress is allergy-friendly and fire retardant without use of additives.

If you are a bit insecure about which mattress to choose for your junior bed, you can find our mattress guide right here.

High beds in Nordic and timeless design

All of our high beds are made in a good quality with a Nordic and timeless design, which means that the beds can be used for many years and by several siblings. All our high beds are white, which make it possible for you to decorate the room just as you like without having the bed as a disturbing element. Many of the high beds have that amazing opportunity to be changed into a junior bed. That can be done by removing the module. In that way, it is possible for younger siblings to use the bed subsequent when they no longer can use their old bed.

High bed with desk

With the high bed from Hoppekids your child will have even more space in their room. At Hoppekids we have designed a high bed with a desk. A desk gives the opportunities and space to draw, make homework or unfold artistic skills without the room has to be filled with big furniture. If all the space under the bed not only should be used as a desk, you can also have a high bed which only have a little table in the corner. Then there will be space to have other things under the bed - that can be a lounge area, a bookshelf, or something else.

High bed 90x200

Our big ECO Luxury model: 90x200 cm is that model, who forward will give you the most opportunities. The big size makes it possible for your child to grow with the bed, but it can also easily be changed to a junior bed or one of our other ECO Luxury beds with our bed modules.