Experience the adventurous universe with the Sandman, where lovely dreams and magical stories are at the center. Most people know H.C. Andersen's story about the Sandman, who enters the children's room with an umbrella under each arm, one for the good children and one for the naughty children. With the Ole Lukoie collection, the history gets brought back to life and makes it possible to create an adventurous children's room where the imagination can run free.

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Happy dreams and good stories

"There is no one in the whole world who knows as many stories as the Sandman! He can really tell!"

This is how H.C. Andersen's fairy tale about the Sandman begins, who comes with his umbrella and tells all the good children a story so that they dream good dreams. The Ole Lukoie theme should create an adventurous, dreamy, safe and calm children's room, where there is room for play and imagination.

Hoppekids Ole Lukoie curtain yellow
Hoppekids Ole Lukoie curtain green
Hoppekids Ole Lukoie curtain blue
Hoppekids Ole Lukoie curtain red
The Adventurous design

The Ole Lukoie collection is designed in calm colors that fit into any adventurous children's room. The curtains are available in four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

The curtains are covered with the Sandman figure with his umbrella, and in a stylish design, where magic and adventure are brought into the children's room.

The curtains are available for several of our half high- and mid high beds, bunk beds and house beds.