STOREY Shelf System

STOREY is the flexible storage system from Hoppekids. The system is built in sections, so you can easily expand or scale down the system depending on your needs. This makes it easy for you to make STOREY fit exactly your home.

The simple and neutral design of STOREY makes it non age-specific, but rather a storage option that you can use throughout your whole life.

STOREY is also covered by a lifetime warranty. This is your comfort and guarantee that the product you buy is produced with the utmost care and consideration on security and durability.

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The facts, Short & Sweet

✔ Fully modular Shelf-system with 80cm and 100cm width elements

✔ 56 positions for shelves and desk

✔ Desk and bed available - each in two sizes

✔ Many preconfigured articles for inspiration

✔ Easy-to-use lock system for greater safety

✔ Carries up to 10kg of weight

✔ Sustainable due to its long lasting qualities

✔ Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

As part of ensuring durability and longevity for our products, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our STOREY collection. This is your security and guarantee that the product you buy is produced with the utmost care and consideration for safety and durability.

This means you are guaranteed a lifelong product warranty when purchasing STOREY. Read much more about our Lifetime Warranty and how to register products by clicking here.

Flexible storage for children

The many combinations and accessories belonging to Storey makes it both a long lasting and sustainable solution, because the system can grow with the child and its changing needs. You can, for example, add a bed to the system to create a lounge-area in the room or a desk to create a workspace. This also means that Storey can follow you through your whole life and be used by all ages.

Storage for the entire home

Here you can find inspiration for how Storey is and can be used. Read about the many possibilities for using Storey and see pictures from our influencers who have decorated their homes with Storey.

A shelving system for all ages

The versatility in the Storey system makes it possible for all ages to use it. The height for both shelves and desks can be adjusted in 56 different heights and thereby be fitted as the child grows. And if you need more room for storage - then you can simply add or remove sections depending on your need, so the system fits in the room. Storey can therefore be a faithful companion growing up.

Storage for the toddler

For the toddler, Storey can be used to display all the treasures that the toddler picks up on the way. The toys that are popular at the moment can be placed in a height suited for the toddler, so it is easy to get a hold on. The toys that are less popular at the moment can likewise be placed on the top shelves and moved down when needed. And with the smart locking system, Storey can be attached to the wall thereby hindering the shelf from tipping over. And if you need extra floorspace under the shelf, the shelves can easily be removed or moved. Add a desk and you have a place for playing with bricks, doing craft work, or making drawings. When the child grows the desk can simply be raised to match the height.

Opbevaringsreol til børneværelse  Opbevaringsreol til børneværelse Opbevaringsreol til børneværelse

Storage for the Child

For the child, the need for independence are slowly becoming more prominent and making one's own decisions means more. Storey is ideal for creating a room with opportunities for this. Place the shelves in the right height, so the child can control what goes where and thereby knows exactly where all the important treasures are hidden. A desk is a great option for creating a spot where the child can immerse itself in drawings, books, or homework.

Opbevaring til legetøj på børneværelset Opbevaring til legetøj på børneværelset Opbevaring til legetøj på børneværelset

Storage for the teenager

Teenagers spend a lot (read A LOT) of time in their rooms, and to them, their bedroom is the most important room of the house. It is therefore also important that the room provides rest and a feeling of comfort while reflecting the personalilty of the individual living there. The simple and classic design of Storey makes it fit into every room, as the expression of Storey is controlled by what is placed on the shelves. Besides storage, Storey can help make a room personal and comfortable. Adding a desk is perfect for getting homework done.

Reolsystem med skrivebord Reolsystem med seng Reol til børn

Storage for the Adult

Just because you have reached a certain age doesn't mean your Storey ends here. Place Storey in the living room and use it for storing books, nips, and more. You can also add a desk and build your own personal home office, which will make working from home a bit more fun. You will have room for both your computer, all your important papers, and pictures of your kids.

Reol i træ fra Hoppekids. Reol i træ fra Hoppekids. Reol i træ fra Hoppekids.

Storage in the children's room

Fynn loves immersing himself in his books why the desk is a hit! When he started school it was easy to just move a couple of shelves and change the height of the desk, so he could sit comfortably and do his homework. The shelves have a great width and we finally got room for storage boxes as well as all the lovely children's books.

"Now, it's fun to clean up!-"and the children's room looks nicer and more tidy"

Opbevaring til børneværelset.

In the home of Lilie Biskopsdotter in Sweden, her daughters enjoy being able to store all their books and toys in their Storey set-up. The girls love purple and pink colors and with the classic white design of Storey, it is easy to highligh all their favorite colors!

"The best storage system from Hoppekids"

Opbevaring af legetøj på børneværelset.

In the home of Mie Iversen, Storey has moved into both her daughter's and her son's room. Her daughter loves moving her furniture around, so the room gets a completely new look. And with a flexible storage system, this job is no trouble! To begin with, she had three sections with shelves, a bed, and a desk. Later, she split the bed-section from the rest and got a more study-focused set-up med shelves and a desk.

Reolsystem med skrivebord.


The Storey system can be put together depending on your need and thereby be tailored to fit exactly your home. And if something changes in your sorroundings, you can simply add or remove parts of the system, so it still fits the room. There are therefore (almost) an infinite number of combinations available for Storey - underneath here you can see a selection of popular combinations.

With desk
With bed
To the small room
Til det store værelse
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  Assembling Storey - as easy as 1- 2 -3!  

Storey is very easy to put together - you simply have to choose where you wish to place shelves and accessories. These can be placed in 56 different positions, so you will have room for practically everything in your system. This also makes it easy to find exactly the right height for the desk.

The smart and easy-to-use locking system allows you to quickly build and re-arrange your Storey. Shelves, desks and other accessories are easily and securely fastened to the side-support. It's really as easy as tightening a screw! Just be sure to lock all of them - that's the secret to building Storey big and strong!

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