Textile Themes

All children are different and have individual taste and dreams. For that reason, it is possible to choose between a range of different textiles, so your furniture can be adjusted to the individual child's age and interests - AND be handed down from one sibling to another.

Explore all our universes and find the one that fits your child and your home. We've divided the products in the various universes for an easy overview. BUT that does not mean you can't mix and match as you wish. Take for example the pillows from Winter Wonderland and match with the Pets universe - you make the rules.

The textile universes from Hoppekids promote creativity and play. It is a great way for your child to create an imaginative space and escape everyday life for a little while to enter a completely different world.

Role play, which the universes promote, isn't just all fun and games, but also extremely important for the development of your child, as they practice empathy, improve communication skills, and are encouraged to be creative.

Our Universes

Personalize your kids' room

At Hoppekids, we strive to create products that can be part of your home for a long time. Products that can be handed down from one sibling to another. Our textile themes are part of this agenda.

Our beds are designed in a classic Nordic style - making them fit in any kids' room. Our textile themes, on the other hand, are different in look and design and your child can choose the look they like. By using textiles, even a hand-me-down bed can be personalized to the child.