Full speed and only hold back if red! Drive wild and dangerous on the race track and make new cool roads. A true racing driver drives a car with heart and soul, is concentrated and sees only the road. Yes, it can actually be quite difficult to stop. All vehicles are cool, but the car is just a little cooler – smart, elegant and fast.

The textile series CARS offers endless possibilities for speed and race. It is simple, tone in tone blue and focuses on the blue color in several shades. Check out the great graphic pattern and enjoy one line drawing.


“It is trending with simple graphic patterns. That’s why it is so simple and it is just the colors that matter“- Susanne Nielsen from the designteam.

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Meet the designer

The textile series from Hoppekids are developed continuously so they contain modern colors that follow current trends.

Our current collections are developed in collaboration with trend forecaster, Anja Gaede. Read more about the design-team behind our colors and series.

Read more about the thoughts behind creating Cars and Princess from graphic designer, Susanne Nielsen.

The two collections Cars and Princess actually belong together. At first they were only meant to be one theme, but then they were split in two, so there were something for both girls and boys.


“The concept, theme, and trend is this “less is more” graphic expression. These simple graphic patterns are very trendy, why we chose this one-line-drawing that is very in”.

“The simple pattern really makes the colors stand out in this tone-on-tone trend where the same color is used in different nuances”.

Susanne Nielsen


The Cars theme fluctuates between blue colors and is tied together by the one-line-drawing of a car, which can be seen on accessories in the theme. On the contrary, the Princess theme fluctuates between light red colors and is tied together by the one-line-drawing of a crown, which also reappears on accessories from the theme.

The new furniture colors also include blue and red colors that compliment the Cars and Princess themes beautifully.

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