Is your child a creative soul who loves “do it yourself” (DIY) and other artistic projects?

Explore the creative universe. Get inspired by these beautiful colors, draw beautiful drawings and paint amazing masterpieces. Hang up your child’s beautiful works in the pockets of the curtains. Construct with the blocks or play the ground is lava. You are only limited by your imagination.

Creator is all about bringing creativity into the children’s room and getting children to help their parents store all their little treasures. The theme is not that set on a certain age, but fits well for both younger and older children.

Look through this page for inspiration on a creative children's room.

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junior bed med drawers

Autumn Yellow

This beautiful autumn yellow is different and leave ones's mark on any children's room.

The color fits perfectly with the universe CREATOR.

This color is available on IDA-MARIE juniorbed. It is also possible to choose the color on MADS children chair- and table.

The thoughts behind creating Creator from graphic designer, Susanne Nielsen.

The textile series CREATOR focuses on functionality, involvement in the child and creativity. And you will see that there is beautiful and brave color scheme and combinations.

 “The pockets mean that there is also thought of storage rather than just hanging fabric. The children can help decorate the theme and it can change a lot according to which drawing you put in” – Susanne Nielsen from the designteam.

The Creator collection is more bold and definitely stands out among the other themes with its different patters and colors as well as the more interactive curtain.


Creativity is much more in focus and it is all about this “do-it-yourself” trend. So, we wanted a univers that wasn’t just nice to look at, but also had functional elements that children can interact with”.

“Children can be part of decorating their own bed and deciding on the theme, which can change a lot depending on what is placed in the pockets”.

It is created to involve the child”.

- Susanne Nielsen

The Creator curtains come in two different colors; Tinsel and Orion Blue that both have pockets with room for drawings and smaller gadgets. This allows children to create the expression of the curtain themselves.

You can put it together in crazy ways because it doesn’t have to be that neat – compared to the other themes that are more stylish and less brave”.

It doesn’t have to be divided – you can use Tinsel with the Leopard print and vice versa. So, there is also the option to be creative with the bedding”.

- Susanne Nielsen

loft bed

Meet the designer

The textile series from Hoppekids are developed continuously so they contain modern colors that follow current trends.

Our current collections are developed in collaboration with trend forecaster, Anja Gaede. Read more about the design-team behind our colors and series.