They have big teeth – and arms too short to reach the cookie jar. Cookies weren’t even invented when these giants stomped around amongst volcanoes and primordial soups. Now your kid can stomp around his own room like a terrifying T-rex with the universe Dinosaur. But look out for falling meteors or other things that can make the room explode. Because then you will have to clean it and that’s hard to do with very short arms.

Read more about Dinosaur on this page and get inspiration for your children's room.

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Meet the Designer

The textile series from Hoppekids are developed continuously so they contain modern colors that follow current trends.

Our current collections are developed in collaboration with trend forecaster, Anja Gaede. Read more about the design-team behind our colors and series.

Step into another time

Get away from everyday life and go back to ancient times where you can move among giants of the past. The only thing you have to worry about, is how to make your bed when your arms are that short.

In our Dinosaur universe you will find curtains for both half-high and mid-high children's beds. Additionally, the universe contains a bunch of great accessories that you can decorate your room with.