You hear a woof and a miaow from the room. What is that? Did your child bring in an animal?! You open the door and see the pets jumping in bed. The kids love animals, and we understand why. They can play, sleep and cuddle with them. The child’s best friend creates closeness, security and unconditional love. It is a dream for every child. Do the dog or the cat move in with you?

The textile series PETS focus on the simple and neutral colors as white, gray and beige. The collection offers 3 different textiles – animals on a white background, paws on light and paws on dark.

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kids table and chairs

Smoked Pearl & Dove grey 

This beautiful dark bed fits perfectly into any children room. It is neutral and gives a characteristic look. The beautiful light grey fits perfect in boy's room and girl's room.The color is smart and neutral, but without getting to subdued.

Smoked pearl and the Dove Grey is the perfect match for the PETS universe and it's different themes. 

This color is available on ECO Dream halfhigh bed, ECO Dream Housebed and ECO Dream junior bed. It is also possible to choose the color on MADS children chair- and table. Dove grey is available on the ECO Comfort beds It is also possible to choose the color on MADS children chair- and table.

The thoughts behind creating Pets from graphic designer, Susanne Nielsen.

Pets is the very stylish and yet still childish textile collection from Hoppekids. It changes between three different beige and greyish colors as well as two different patterns.

It’s this Insta-friendly collection where we focused on simple and neutral colors and motives that work well with both girls and boys”.

We worked with animals for the patterns, because children should be able to relate to it – so it wasn’t a flying dragon or something. So we tried to bring some personality into it”.

-Susanne Nielsen

The thoughts behind the different colors and patterns were also to make it possible to combine the different versions. And have something that would be interesting for both girls and boys.

But also now that the furniture colors have changed it’s possible to fluctuate here. I think it’s very elegant with the all-dark set-up; so dark bed and dark textiles. It gives a certain look that you don’t see elsewhere”.

-Susanne Nielsen

Along with the new textile themes, new furniture colors were introduced, which interact well with the style and colors of the new textile series, and enable many different and beautiful combinations.

See our colores furniture here.

house bed

Meet the designer

The textile series from Hoppekids are developed continuously so they contain modern colors that follow current trends.

Our current collections are developed in collaboration with trend forecaster, Anja Gaede. Read more about the design-team behind our colors and series.