Club Hoppekids



Who is the club for?

Hoppekids is more than just beds and, that is why we have created Club Hoppekids. As a member of the club, you'll get inspiration about sustainable kids room and get good advice on kids sleep and play.

The club is for you that wants to know more about sustainable kids room. Wants tip on kids sleep and play, and who wants to know more about Hoppekids and sustainability.


The benefits of being a member of the Club Hoppekids

There are many benefits to being a member of the Club Hoppekids. Because it's not just a newsletter, it's a place where you can find inspiration for sustainable choices, tips and tricks for kids' sleep and play and so much more. 

Plus, you can enter to win a giftcard worth of 500€ for Hoppekids products - every quarter!

junior bed

As a member of Club Hoppekids you will get:

✓ Get the chance to win a giftcard worth of 500€ every quater

✓ Tips and advice based on your child's age and preferences

✓ Knowledge about children's sleep & play

✓ Tips for a more sustainable way of living 

✓ .. And other exciting news and knowledge about children's rooms, furniture and more.