Sommerbold på Heden is a tournament for young people and adults with special needs.

Not all young people interested in sports find it easy to find sports teams that can include them - this also applies to young people and adults interested in football with special needs and learning disabilities such as autism and ADHD. They are at risk of being sidelined and may find it difficult to be included in mainstream football teams. For the past 7 years, the firebrands from Hammerum have therefore organised Denmark's largest Special Olympics football conference. In August 2021, a record 350 players took part in 38 teams from 19 Danish clubs in Denmark's largest football conference for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Hoppekids contributes with Djurs Sommerland trip in 2021

We are proud sponsors of Sommerbold på Heden!

In August 2021, Hoppekids has contributed with a trip to Djurs Sommerland which the organization used on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. An anniversary trip for the players and their families, which was to great, great joy. At Hoppekids, it warms our hearts to be able to bring joy to unique souls who have a special need and appreciate it!

sommerbold på heden