Dansk Kvindesamfund – Shelters

Dansk Kvindesamfund (Danish Women's Society, red.) fights to ensure that equality between the genders is always present on the political agenda. They want to create equal rights and equal worth - both culturally, politically and for the individual - regardless of them being a female, a child or a male.

Dansk Kvindesamfund was founded in 1871 and despite lots of great stuff happening since then, there's still lots and lots to fight for. Hoppekids is supporting Dansk Kvindesamfund's local initiative of creating a safe space for women - with or without children - who are running from domestic violence.

When the women and children arrive at the centre they rarely have other belongings than what they could carry at the time of their escape. This is why it is incredibly important to create a friendly, welcoming and safe atmosphere. Hoppekids has donated furniture to the new shelter, which opened in Copenhagen in spring 2018. 

Read more about the shelters here.  

Below you can see pictures from the opening where HRH Crownprincess Mary of Denmark and minister of Children and Social Security, Mai Mercado, attended. You can also see pictures of the shelter's bed- and living rooms for which Hoppekids has donated furniture.