Lykkeliga The happiest league of handball, fighting for unity and acceptance.

Rikke Nielsen is a former handball player on the national team. But Rikke is also a mum to her daughter, Magda, who really wanted to play handball like her mum. However, they couldn’t find a team where Magda really fit in. Because Magda is a child with Down's syndrome. Instead, Rikke decided to start her own team with lots of room for children like Magda and within a few weeks, more than 40 development disabled children were playing handball with Magda and her mom.

On Magda’s team, there was another girl. Her name is Kaya and her dad, Mikael, works with advertisement. He thought that the children should do more than just play handball – they should be superstars, he created a fan club for the children. Since then, Lykkeliga has grown and turned into quite a show stopper. Now, more than 27 teams with a total of 400 happy children are playing handball all around Denmark. Rikke has also quit her job to work with Lykkeliga full time. On June 9th, 2018, Lykkeliga had their first ‘Lykkecup’ in a huge arena, Gigantium, in Aalborg – a city in the northern part of Denmark.

Lykkecup is a very special sports event and more than 275 development disabled children participated together with about 2000 spectators. You could call it the biggest party to celebrate differences and unity. We do not doubt that Lykkeliga is something special. The atmosphere they created in Gigantium was truly unique. The pride that was showing on the handball star’s faces and the cheers and support the spectators sowed was touching and amazing. Lykkeliga manages to turn handball into an all-including, fun and accepting sport.

The children forget that they’re “different” and they get to experience what it means to be part of a team and how it is to work together for a shared goal. Experiences, most of these children probably would have missed, if it wasn’t for Lykkeliga. And that is why we support Lykkeliga – because they turn hand ball into something very special – for everyone! Read more about Lykkeliga here (page in Danish.)