Morud IF

Morud is a small town located in the northern part of Funen in central Denmark. Besides being Hoppekids founder – René’s – home town, Morud also has their own football team: Morud IF. Morud IF has a strong foundation values and volunteer trainers and leaders working hard to teach the children the valuable lessons of being a responsible team-player, unity and inclusion.

As a result, the team spirit in Morud is strong. The trainers work hard to improve the children’s self-esteem, motor skills and development – whilst showing them that sports and being active can be lots of fun. We find the difference the volunteer trainers make for the children is inspiring and strong, and that is something we want to support and promote.

For us, the club stands as a symbol for all the amazing people working with children’s sport and development. You can find volunteers like this all around the world! 

Read more about Morud IF here (page in Danish)