Baby Room

In order to furnish the perfect baby room, you need two things in particular. A comfortable bed for baby to sleep in and a practical changing table - because you'd be surprised how many hours you spend changing your little one. 

Hoppekids baby furniture is all made with FSC-certified wood, and with a focus on functionality and recyclability. This means that several of the furniture pieces can be used for other functions e.g. several of the changing tables can be used for general storage and the crib and cot can be converted into benches when your child outgrows them.

Find all the baby furniture for your room below.


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Hoppekids IDA-MARIE Changing Table ShelfHoppekids IDA-MARIE Changing Table Shelf
Hoppekids Cradle 40x80 cm, WhiteHoppekids Cradle 40x80 cm, White
Hoppekids ECO Dream Baby MattressHoppekids ECO Dream Baby Mattress
Hoppekids ECO Dream Baby Mattress Sale priceFrom €139,00
Hoppekids Quilted crib bumper 40x80 cm, White
Hoppekids Quilted bed bumper 60x120 cm, White
Hoppekids Fairytale Knight play mat for playpen 100x100 cm, Light Blue/Sand
Hoppekids Fairytale Flower play mat for playpen 100x100 cm, Pink/SandHoppekids Fairytale Flower play mat for playpen 100x100 cm, Pink/Sand
Hoppekids Cradle Edge 40x80 cmHoppekids Cradle Edge 40x80 cm
Hoppekids Bed bumper 60x120 cmHoppekids Bed bumper 60x120 cm
Hoppekids Changing Pad, 64x51x7 cmHoppekids Changing Pad, 64x51x7 cm
Hoppekids IDA-MARIE curtain for changing tableHoppekids IDA-MARIE curtain for changing table
Hoppekids mattress with linen filter for playpenHoppekids mattress with linen filter for playpen
Hoppekids linen mattress including coverHoppekids linen mattress including cover
Hoppekids ISABELLA changing table, WhiteHoppekids ISABELLA changing table, White
Hoppekids IDA-MARIE Playpen, 91x85 cmHoppekids IDA-MARIE Playpen, 91x85 cm
Hoppekids CHRISTIAN Changing Top for Dresser, whiteHoppekids CHRISTIAN Changing Top for Dresser, white
Hoppekids CHRISTIAN Changing Table, WhiteHoppekids CHRISTIAN Changing Table, White
Hoppekids ANTON Baby Bed 60x120 WhiteHoppekids ANTON Baby Bed 60x120 White

Interior design of the baby room

When decorating a baby's room, two things are particularly important. Number one is a comfortable baby bed and number two is the practical changing table, which should have space for everything from nappies to extra clothes in case of an accident. However, it's a good idea to choose furniture for the nursery that has several functions, so that it can be used for other purposes when the baby no longer needs it. 

With Hoppekids baby furniture, life is extended as it can be used for more than one purpose. Most baby changing tables can be used as regular dressers or shelf space when they are no longer needed. The same goes for the cot and cradle, as these can be converted into benches that can be used in the nursery.

Nursery furniture

Even if your little one can't play alone in the room, nursery furniture is important because it sets the scene for the many hours you'll spend in there - both when it's time to change your little one and when it's time to sleep. The cot or crib is one of the most important elements in the baby's room, as it is where the baby will spend many hours. 

The Hoppekids cot is fantastic because it is currently the only cot that is Swan-labelled. For you, this means that the bed is of high quality and among the best on the market. In addition, it is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals, just like all other furniture from Hoppekids is.