Kid's Room

The kid's room is a magical place where children can let off steam and come up with all sorts of fun games. That's why it's so important to have the right kids' furniture in the room, either to give them more space to play or to become part of the play. 

And play can be crazy. It is therefore important that the furniture that enters the children's room is made of good quality and that it ensures a good indoor environment for the children and that it can withstand a little bit of everything. 

Among our children's furniture, you can find both table and chair sets in many beautiful colors, desks with wheels that can easily be moved around the room and various shelves that can store all the toys.


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Hoppekids MADS Children's ChairHoppekids MADS Children's Chair
Hoppekids MADS Children's Chair Sale priceFrom €59,00
BUNDLE MADS Table and two chairsBUNDLE MADS Table and two chairs
BUNDLE MADS Table and two chairs Sale priceFrom €187,00
Hoppekids Desk with drawers
Hoppekids Desk with drawers Sale price€398,00
Hoppekids STOREY Shelves 2 pcs.Hoppekids STOREY Shelves 2 pcs.
Hoppekids STOREY Shelves 2 pcs. Sale priceFrom €60,00
Hoppekids Unicorn Bean Bag ChairHoppekids Unicorn Bean Bag Chair
Hoppekids Shelf with wheelsHoppekids Shelf with wheels
Hoppekids Shelf with wheels Sale priceFrom €169,00
Hoppekids STOREY set with 8 shelves and writing boardHoppekids STOREY set with 8 shelves and writing board
Hoppekids STOREY section with 8 shelvesHoppekids STOREY section with 8 shelves
Hoppekids STOREY shelf with 3 sections, 14 shelves, and a writing desk in 80 cm, White
Hoppekids STOREY shelf with 3 sections, 12 shelves, and a writing desk in 80 cm, WhiteHoppekids STOREY shelf with 3 sections, 12 shelves, and a writing desk in 80 cm, White
Hoppekids Stool, White
Hoppekids Stool, White Sale price€69,00
Hoppekids PETER Bookshelf with 3 shelves
Hoppekids MARIE Bookshelf with 3 shelves
Hoppekids MAJA Drawer Section with 2 drawers
Hoppekids MAJA Desk - White
Hoppekids MAJA Desk - White Sale price€249,00
Hoppekids wardrobe with 2 doors and 2 drawers, White
Hoppekids JONAS Drawer Set with 3 drawers, White
Hoppekids JONAS Desk, White
Hoppekids JONAS Desk, White Sale price€199,00
Hoppekids shelf with 5 hooks, White
Hoppekids shelf, White
Hoppekids shelf, White Sale price€59,00
Hoppekids HANS Cabinet with 2 drawers, White
Hoppekids HANS doors for wardrobe, White
Hoppekids Fairytale Flower curtain for HANS wardrobe
Hoppekids Fairytale Knight Bean Bag Chair

Storage for the kid's room

Decorating a child's room requires more than just a bed. Because there usually needs to be room for lots of other furniture, and of course lots of storage. But storage shouldn't just be practical, it should also be easy for children to reach their toys and put them away, without an adult necessarily having to be there to help.

At Hoppekids you'll find desks with storage, toy chests so young children can access their toys and a range of shelving and cabinets where the shelves can be adjusted to different heights so young children of all ages can reach their toys. 

You can find all Hoppekids storage solutions under Storage.

Decorating a children's room

Many children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. So it needs to accommodate a wide range of functions. For younger children, it might be fun for them to have some furniture their size, so they can mimic what adults do. For example, they can sit and play at a small table or colour in a colouring book.

You can also make a relaxation area where children can relax and read a book, decorating it with lots of cushions and blankets. If you have a half or high sleeper bed, the area underneath can be used for this as it will give the feeling of a little cave, especially if you hang a curtain around the bed. 

The kid's room can also be made cosy with flag banners, which can be hung on the wall or the bed, but it can also be done with the help of cute cushions, which add a bit of colour.

You can read more about redecorating a small kids' room here. 

Furniture on wheels gives you flexibility

A children’s room has to accommodate a large span of activities. Some days, your child wants to read quietly in bed or do homework at the desk. Other days, the room is full of energy and what feels like all of the toys will be spread out on the floor. This calls for a room with flexible solutions – especially in rooms where floor space is sparse.

Furniture on wheels makes it easy to re-organize the layout of the room, for instance, to create more floor space. The JONAS desk and the bookshelf on wheels both fit perfectly under the mid sleeper bed. The lockable wheels enable bigger children to move the furniture on their own while ensuring that the furniture stands perfectly still when the wheels are locked. It also helps you maintain a healthier indoor climate in the room because the furniture can be moved out of the way so the vacuum cleaner can reach the corners.

The flexible furniture makes it easy for you to have multiple functions in the same space. When the bookshelf on wheels is placed under the bed there is still room for a small cave behind it. The top of the bookshelf is the perfect height for a playing table while the desk can work as a nightstand for the bed.