Hoppekids ECO Luxury Toddler Bed

Size: 70x160 cm
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What size bed should I choose?

You may have already figured out what type of bed your child should sleep in, but are you still unsure about what size bed will fit best in your home? Here are some considerations you should make:

  • How big is the child who will be using the bed?
  • How big is the room where the bed will be?

Whether you should choose a 70x160 cm, 90x200 cm, or 120x200 cm bed depends on the child who will be sleeping in it. It is recommended that the bed is 20 cm longer than the child who will be sleeping in it. Additionally, it is said that the larger the bed you choose, the longer your child can use it. However, you should make sure that your child feels comfortable sleeping in such a large bed if they are transitioning from their crib.

It is difficult to determine a specific age for when children should switch to a toddler bed. Many children will be ready for a toddler bed around 2.5-3 years old, but it is individual when your child is ready.

The size 70x160 cm is good for smaller children. It can be reassuring to sleep in a bed that is not much bigger than oneself and resembles the crib they have previously slept in. This size is very popular to use as a transitional bed before moving to a larger bed.

The sizes 90x200 cm & 120x200 cm are good for slightly larger children or for children who are comfortable with having plenty of space around them when they sleep. Many choose the larger size because there is plenty of room to grow and therefore the bed can be used for a longer time. A typical age for this size would be around 6-10 years old.

When we talk about the sizes 70x160 cm, 90x200 cm, and 120x200 cm, it is also important to remember that these sizes refer to mattress sizes and not the measurements of the bed itself. The exact measurements can be found under each bed. The thickness of the bed legs and edges depends on the bed series you choose. The ECO Luxury & DELUXE series have the thickest posts, followed by the ECO Dream, and finally the ECO Comfort with the least thickness.

Style: Classic
Lamella type: Classic
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Product details for Hoppekids ECO Luxury Toddler Bed

ECO Luxury
Max. mattress height
12 cm
Height under bed
20 cm
Bed posts
65x65 mm
620 mm