“There’s children’s room and then there’s children’s room with heart and soul”


To us, a children’s room is so much more than a room full of furniture. It’s the safe base from which your child explores the world, learns about big and small things and let their imagination run free.

It’s also the place where your child finds peace and comfort and where the good sleep plays an important part.


Hoppekids’ mission is to create safe, imaginative and flexible furniture which can fit into any children’s room. A children’s room isn’t merely a room with furniture in it, just as children’s furniture isn’t just things fulfilling a practical need.

Children’s furniture must be able to serve as a spaceship, fairytale castles, adventurous caves, workspaces and a cosy reading area. They must be suitable for playtime – both alone and with friends – learning and sleep.

At the same time they must be so safe and durable, that Junior will have a loyal companion throughout all of childhood’s adventures.


That’s why Hoppekids’ isn’t simply making children’s furnitures. We make children’s furniture with heart and soul – and heart and soul is important because they are the foundation in everything we do.



… put our heart into our work and are dedicated to everything we do.
..think with our hearts when we make decisions in order to create the best possible conditions for people.
…work with our hearts to be able to help children around the world.
…pour our souls into our products. We do this by creating environmentally friendly pieces of furniture and universes that are safer than legislation standards and give off as few harmful substances as possible.
…keep our souls and the future intact through our great focus on the environment and sustainability.

We have to be able to vouch for everything Hoppekids touches with our hearts and souls.