Hoppekids Care® is an umbrella for our charitable and social activities.

We are dedicated in our work in two specific areas:

  • to guarantee a better life for our children
  • to create a better environment

Therefore our effort is to reach those 2 specific areas and we are working internationally and locally with our effort.

Red Barnet

We are working together with Red Barnet, where we are engaged as a Business partner:


Most people already know Save the Children – and rightly so! We think that the global organization is making a huge impact for children both locally and internationally. This is why we are supporting them as Coporate Partner. The organization is democratic and is working in more than 120 countries. Their primary cause is to save and improve the lives of children all over the globe.

Save the children are working to protect the rights of children, to offer disaster response and to fight violence, abuse and bullying. They are also ensuring that children go to school, helping to build communities and generally improving the children’s ability to survive and fight back.


We are working together with DINNødhjælp, where we are engaged as a Business partner:

din nødhjælp

DINNødhjælp is a foundation created by Danish Anja Lovén who is fighting to save the so called ‘witch children’ of Nigeria.

’Witch children’ are children that has been expelled by their family and village because of superstitious accusations of being a witch. The accusations are being made because the village is trying to find a scapegoat for bad times, such as a failed harvest or death in the family. The children are being accused because they are a little bit different to the other children. A crooked nose or a stubborn mind is all it takes and the consequences for the child can be everything from being sent away from home, violence, torture and worse.

DINNødhjælp consider their most important task to be educating the local communities in an attempt to battle the ignorance that is the cause of the witch accusations. They do this by supporting the ‘witch children’ and show the communities that their accusations were wrong. The organization has built an orphanage for the ‘with children’ and other children in need. Here, the children have a safe base to grow up, play and learn. They are also getting a chance to talk about and work through their traumatic experiences.

We are supporting Anja and DINNødhjælp because we are admiring the courage that Anja and the rest of the volunteers are showing by working in Nigeria. They are working in a dangerous area and for such a selfless cause. We cannot do anything but to love volunteers who are working with such a great passion to create an everlasting change for the children and the local communities.

Hammerum Special Olympics

We are working together with Hammerum Special Olympics, where we are engaged as a Business partner:


On April 7th 2011 a very special football team started in western Denmark: A football team for children with mental and physical disabilities. Since 2011 the team has grown as is now accepting grown-ups as well, but they all have two things in common: their passion for football and the fact that they have a diagnosed disability. The team is working to give the players a better life by improving their social skills and self-esteem. A very welcome by-product is their increased physical health and abilities on the field – and, of course, the many great friendships.

The players have many different disabilities, but despite of their differences, the team enjoys a great amount of team-spirit and support from their players. All players have learning disabilities or attend special class, but their disabilities cover everything from severe ADHD, hearing impaired, various degrees of spasticity and other physical and mental challenges. Because of the differences on the team there is a shared understanding that everyone is different. Bullying is not a something they experience a lot of at Hammerum Special Olympics.
The philosophy of Hammerum Special Olympics is something we are a big fan of: it’s a lovely hodgepodge of accept, respect, health and friendship. We also cannot help but noticing the incredible work that the volunteers are doing for the players. The player’s everyday life is so challenging, but the volunteers at Hammerum Special Olympics do whatever they can to make it less challenging. The volunteers truly deserve a helping hand with this!

Morud IF

We are working together with Morud IF, where we are engaged as a Business partner:


Morud Sport is a football club where the club’s value and the work of the volunteers have created a foundation for developing the children and teenagers who are playing in the club. Morud Sport is the local football club of Renés – Hoppekids’ founder – home town. It was in Morud Sport he first experienced how engaged volunteers can make a difference.

Morud Sport has a focus on including all children by teaching them about unity and the responsibility of being on a team. This makes the team spirit great in Morud! The volunteer trainers and managers are working to improve the children’s self-esteem by teaching them that being social and active can be fun.

The difference that the volunteers at Morud Sport are making for the children is amazing and inspiring to us and this is why we have chosen to sponsor them.
We see Morud Sport as a symbol of the local volunteers all over the world who are working to do a difference for their community.