FINGER PAINT YOUR BED with Deco-Designer®

Get your imagination and your color pallet! Our Deco-Designer® is a unique opportunity to create exactly the dreamland your child wants. With a pallet containing over 25 colors, you can color everything from blue butterflies to bright pink stars in our universes, and choose several different colors for our BASIC beds so everything matches just the way you want it to. It is as easy as a coloring book.

So put over a pot of tea, get the tablet or laptop out, get comfortable together in the sofa and click your way to the bed universe of your dreams.

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How does Deco-Designer® work?

Deco-Designer® is a program which enables you to design your own bed by choosing colors on the bed and textiles. Having a bed in your child’s favorite colors will help you decorate a fantastic and personal room.

The program is easy to use because it will guide you through the different steps. First, you choose language and then you choose what products you would like to work with.
Much like when coloring pages in a coloring book you can now fill out the different spaces with a color of your choice. Remember that you can choose color on both the bed and textiles. You will achieve the most “coloring book”-like feel by using a tablet, but the program also works on a computer.
The program will tell you if you have missed an area or if you are trying to color something that cannot be colored.

Bemærk: En bestilling gennem Deco-Designer er ”kun” en bestilling på et tilbud og derfor får du først et tilbud fra en Hoppekids forhandler med bekræftet endelig pris og levering, det er først når du har godkendt tilbuddet at det er forpligtende. Når du bestiller gennem Deco-Designer bestiller du altså blot et tilbud på levering af de valgte produkter.

Order and delivery

Once you are happy with the result you can click “order” to receive an offer from a Hoppekids dealer. You will receive an overview of the products you are interested in.
NB: An order made through Deco-Designer® is a request for a final offer. This means that your order is not complete and binding until you have received and accepted an offer from a Hoppekids dealer.

By using our Deco-Designer service, you agree to let us collect your information provided in connection with your purchase. You can access your stored personal information at any time. Read more in our personal data policy.

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