Hoppekids series of ECO mattresses are awarded the Nordic Swan EcoLabel and made in Denmark. The product range consists of two different mattresses both available in two sizes.ECO Dream Mattresses are 9 cm thick and made of the hypoallergenic and Nordic Ecolabelled Waterlily® foam.The mattress has ventilation channels for good air circulation. It dispers body heat and humidity. Produced from environmental friendly and patented Waterlily® foam, which provides elasticity and soft comfort, even better than cold foam.Find ECO Dream here!

ECO Luxury:

ECO Luxury mattresses are 12 cm thick and and made of the hypoallergenic and Nordic Ecolabelled Waterlily® foam with at top layer of Celsius foam with pressure relieving properties. This viscoelastic material perfectly molds to the contours of your body for support -memoryfoam.The core of the mattress is made of Waterlily® foam and has ventialtion holes throughout the entire mattress ensuring optimal air ventilation for tempreature and dispersion of humidity produced by the bodys. The extra soft Celsius top layer ensures pressure relief for your childs comfort. The pressure relief of you childs body and head is significant.The Mattresscovers of ECO Dream and ECO Luxury consists of soft bamboo fibres on the outside, and felted Thermowoold on the inside which conducts moisture and heat away from the body .Find ECO Luxury here!– Mattress covers mashine washable up to 60 °C- Hypoallergenic- Fully breathable- Fire retardant without additives- Derived from natural ressources (bamboo)- Environmentally friendly, bamboo is a fast growing ressource

  • WATERLILY® core mattress is made of Flexible Polyurethanfoam (PUR) is breathable and open