Hoppekids at Circular City Week New York 2021

In March 2021, Hoppekids will be attending Circular City Week New York and thereby lead the way in the circular movement and spur sustainable action.

About Circular City Week 2021

Circular City Week is about the power of knowledge sharing and bringing people across countries together to share ideas. The aim of the week is to showcase international pioneers and inspire industry professionals across sectors.

Hoppekids will take part in the Circular City Week 2021 as a pioneer partner. The founder of Hoppekids, René Stenvang, will represent Hoppekids and present the vision of the Hoppekids brand as well as showcase our circular solutions as inspiration for others.

There is no Planet B

Our goal is to create a better future for our childen by offering the safest and most sustainable modular bed systems that promote good sleep, playful living, and creative learning.

What we do over the next 50 years is crucial to the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Circular business models and products are essential in order to secure a future for our children and our planet.

Our products and designs are born circular and:

  • Designed to be long-lasting
  • Modular for adapting the furniture to the evolving needs of the owner
  • Meet high quality standards to ensure durability – for example via Lifetime Warranty
  • FSC-certified to ensure that our raw material is from replanted forest
  • Certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Hoppekids at 3daysofdesign

For the event 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, Hoppekids has been selected to participate in the circular furniture exhibition “Circular furniture and interior design”.

And with a large number of applicants, we are extra proud to be among the selected.

There is no doubt that the future holds a lot more green transitions and focus on circular business models. This future is our present!

An experienced participant

At Hoppekids we have been working with green transition for many years. Hoppekids was awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel back in 2013 and ever since we have moved up among the best when it comes to green transition and circular design. Which our place in this exhibition confirms.

The exhibition, which is part of 3daysofdesign, will take place at Pakhus 11 fromthe 3rd of September to the 5th of September. Here Hoppekids, and 27 other brands from Denmark, will share their take on circular design.

With a high number of applicants for the exhibition the selections of the participants are based on brands which have excelled in good design, responsible production and minimal impact on the environment.

Learn more about the exhibition here

The future is green

The great interest in participating in this exhibition also indicates a growing demand, among consumers, for furniture and interior which respects the environment and the scarce resources.

Here at Hoppekids all we do, is about creating a better world for children all around the world. This we do by producing sustainable quality furniture. Because caring for the environment is to take care of our children and their future.

– René Stenvang.

At the exhibition it is possible to sign up for a guided tour which pass by all the exhibitors. At the tour you get the chance to get to know the exhibitors a little better and hear designers and brands share their thoughts behind their products and the considerations behind the circular choices that they have made. Sign up here

Circular Furniture and Interior Design

When: 3dr –5th of September 2020

Where: Pakhus 11, Dampfærgevej 2, Copenhagen


Little strokes fell great oaks

One of the core values here at Hoppekids stems from a concern for the environment and the belief that we all have a responsibility to take better care of the environment and our nature. Therefore, Hoppekids are also behind an award which supports sustainable development. Learn more about Hoppekids’ Stainability Award her.