We have gathered all our best ideas and tips about choosing the right furniture and how to get the most out of them – in interior design and throughout childhood

The way to a durable children’s’ room

Choose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when choosing children’s furniture. That way, you get sustainable furniture without harming or straining the … Læs mere

The cradle – More than a bed

The cradle is your baby’s first real sleeping place after being carried around in a belly for nine months. Therefore, … Læs mere

Why sleep is important

We don’t need to tell you how important sleep is. As a parent, you have probably experienced periods of time … Læs mere

Co-sleeping – yes or no?

Co-sleeping – when you sleep together in the same room, in the same bed or when the child sneaks in … Læs mere

A safer base

– a guide to a healthier children’s room Children use far more time in their rooms than adults do in … Læs mere

Guide: Choose the right bed!

Since you are reading these pages we assume that you, like many others, are searching inspiration on the multitude of … Læs mere

Good things in small packages

– a guide for the small children’s room A small children’s room can easily be a big challenge which takes … Læs mere

The playpen – An oasis of peace

The playpen is neither a cage nor a prison for your child. From your child’s point of view, it is … Læs mere

1+1 can equal 3

– a guide to a great shared children’s room There can be many reasons for having a shared children’s room … Læs mere

Room for big dreams

– with movable furniture and clever solutions A children’s room has to accommodate a large span of activities. Some days, … Læs mere

The changing station

More than 5000! That is the amount of diapers, you can expect to change during your child’s first 3 years. … Læs mere

Coziness in the heights

– about the halfhigh and midhigh beds When children see a half or midhigh bed, they do not just see … Læs mere