– about the halfhigh and midhigh beds

When children see a half or midhigh bed, they do not just see a piece of furniture. Instead, they see a hideout, a space ship, a fairytale world or a playground.

They get a great feeling of independence by having to climb to bed and can use the bed – or the space beneath it – as a personal space when they need a break.

The half and midhigh beds are great for small bedrooms where extra space is often needed and can more easily be found in the topmost part of the room.

A bed raised off the floor gives more floor space and the space beneath the bed can be fitted with one of our many universe curtains which transform it into a fantastical hideout. Here, your child can relax or be read to in magical surroundings.

Does the height of the bed concern you?

Some parents wonder whether the height might cause problems for their child and for the practical activities in everyday life. They have concerns whether their child might fall out of the bed or if it might get difficult to change the bedding.

Many parents – especially the ones who are ”vertically challenged” – solve the problem by having a small step ladder or stool for practical purposes.

But is your child really safe in that tall bed? The guard rails of Hoppekids beds are very durable because they are attached firmly to the beds. This means that the rail will guard even an unruly sleeper and it supports your child when he or she climbs in and out of the bed.

A half or midhigh bed gives you the best of both worlds because the height allows for playtime or a hideout under the bed but the bed is still low enough for you, the parents, to reach into.

The child grows… and the bed does too!

Do you think the bed might be too tall for your child at the moment? Then you can just save the half or midhigh-module for when your child is ready for it. Both the half and the midhigh beds come in divisible versions which means that you can change the height of the beds to correspond to your child’s – and your – changing needs. If your child gets bored with the half or midhigh bed, you can just remove the module again.

Somewhere between high and low

The differences between the midhigh and the halfhigh beds are that the midhigh is a little bit taller than the halfhigh. Other than that, the midhigh only comes in a 90×200 cm-version.

The extra height actually makes a big difference. Especially for older children, the few extra centimeters might be the difference between whether the space beneath the bed is a hideout or an extra room in the room. By using the midhigh module, you get space for furniture like a desk or a children’s set of chairs and a table. This gives you better options for furnishing and for using your imagination beneath the bed.

Create a cozy cave-like atmosphere under the mid- or halfhigh bed by hanging a curtain in front of it. Decorate with fairy lights, a mattress, pillows and pictures. Perfect for goodnight stories and other cozy cave activities.

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