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My name is Louise and I’m the proud mom of two amazing children – Bassi from 2011 and Bella from 2014.

I write about the good and bad things in life, living with two kids, a husband and two dogs – as well as all the challenges and blessings this bring.

On this page, I have collected all of my favourite products from Hoppekids. Bassi and Bella share – on their own request – a room.

You can see pictures of how we’ve decorated it below.

If you want you can also read my blog or visit my Instagram page Lortoglagkage.

(“Lort og lagkage” is a Danish saying. The direct translation is “Shit and layer cake”. It is used when talking about the opposition of good and bad in life – and how they often go together hand in hand).


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Our favorite products


BASIC/PREMIUM pull-out bed, White
BASIC/PREMIUM pull-out bed



Bookcase on wheels, 70' - White
Bookcase on wheels

More variations

Drawer section on wheels White, White
Drawer section on wheels White



Pictures of Bassi and Bellas room