Lilié Biskopsdotter welcomes you to Hoppekids!

My Name is Lilié Biskopsdotter and I live with my husband and our daughter, Elleonora, in a large country house.
I love the decor and especially to decorate children’s rooms. When I’m not working with the blog I sing and I work as a photographer.
We were also recently found out that we are expecting our second child. So this year there will be a lot of children and baby post on the blog.

On this page I’ve gathered my favorite products from Hoppekids, and you can see a selection of my pictures from Elleonora’s room as well.

You’re very welcome to follow my blog right here or my Instagram @biskopdotter.se.

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Our favorite products

PREMIUM halvhøj 90x200 cm Håndtag India forhæng
PREMIUM halfhigh bed PREMIUM handle for ladder Cushion for halfhigh bed
Indian pudesæt Indian rund pude beanbag
INDIAN GIRL Cushion set Indian Girl round cushion Indian Girl beanbag


Pictures of Elleonora’s room