Professional equestrian Tina Lund

Welcome to our universe

Tina Lund has two beautiful children together with her husband Allan Nielsen- Louis 7 years and Lilly 2 years old.

Tina is the most famous danish equestrian and works as showjumper and trainer in Dubai,  and also sells and buys horses all over the world. Tina was awarded ‘Danish Equestian of the Year’ in 2019. She moved to Dubai a few years ago, but still manages to spend as much time in Denmark as possible. She especially enjoys the summer back home in Denmark, and by doing so, she can continue to engage in Danish equestrian sports.

She has several instagram profiles where you can follow her – her personal  @tinalund and her professional @tinalundequestrian where she focuses on equestrian sports. At the same time, don’t forget her blog where she reveals every day life, both in her work as a showjumper as well as personal stories.

Pictures from Louis's room