Mom of 3 Voreslilleverden

Welcome to our universe!

My name is Katrine and I’m the mother to 3½-year-old Celine and 7-month-old Alexandra.

When I’m not on maternity leave, I work as a nurse at a psychiatric ward for children.My favorite occupation is finding the best stuff for my children.

I’m particularly picky when it comes to outfits and furnishing. My keywords are quality, functionality and simplicity – at children’s level of course.

I like spending a long time finding the right things, which means I rarely do impulse buys.

On this page I’ve gathered my favorite products from Hoppekids, and you can see a selection of my pictures from Celine’s room as well.

You’re very welcome to follow my Instagram universe voreslilleverden. Here I’ll be showing pictures of my girls as well as inspiration for your children and your home.

Pictures of Celine´s room