Build a cool fort

STOP! Says the bright red sign hanging on the middle of the closed door. From the room there are knocking sounds and a voice that directs the course of the battle. You hear “Teddy, hold the gray pillow, and I’ll make the wall to the fort!” It is being rebuilt, because in this room there lives a child, that can make Bob the Builder look like an amateur. Remember the safety helmet if the teddy tower is not fully levelled and remember: It is not a messy room – It is a room under (re)construction!

Every curtain comes with three working signs made in stiff fabric. The signs have a small patch of velcro on the back, leaving it up to your child to decide where to put the signs!

Words from the designer

The Construction universe focuses on DIY and about doing things yourself. For this universe, we’ve used a lot of primary colors – we have red, yellow, blue, but also some orange.

Anja Gaede

We have focused on doing someting interactive, so children themselves can be part of deciding what their room should look like. Take for example the signs from this universe, which can be placed wherever the child wishes.

Anja Gaede

Read more about the designers, who help us create our colors and collections.

The Construction universe

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PREMIUM halfhigh bed 70×160 with curtain and pillows.
Foam cones.
PREMIUM half-high bed 90×200 with pillows and curtain.
Construction curtain.