Is it a house? Is it a bed?

No! It’s the house bed – and therefore the best of both worlds. The house bed is a cozy bed, which gives the impression of a “space within the space”. The low-key, Nordic design makes the bed easy to work with when you style the room. The strong frame gives a wonderful expression which will create a “wow-effect” in any room. Depending on how you style and place the room you will have many different looks depending on how you do. You can decorate both the bed and the surrounding area – and if you play with the frames of the bed, it might even feel even more like a small house.

Place the bed against a wall in a bold color to make the shape really pop! … and because the shape is so clean, it won’t mess up the look if the duvet sneaks a little out of the bed during the day.

The house bed invites you to play. Play with shapes, color and decoration. But the house bed also invites your child to play every day. It’s the safe and cozy base with a space for reading, snuggling up and a good night’s sleep.


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