ECO Dream 9 cm 90 x 200

Item number: 42-0609-WH-07M
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Suggested retail price DKK 1,539.00
Color Size 70x160
Width (mm) 700
Length (mm) 1600
Height (mm) 90
EAN 5706558041698

The ECO Dream mattress is made of hypoallergenic foam with horizontal air channels that provide good air circulation. The mattress core is made of Waterlily® foam with a density of 45kg/m³ and a hardness of 145 Newton. The mattress is fire retardant and the cover fabric is unbleached. The raw materials can then be recycled. Including removable mattress cover (washable at 60°C). The mattress is 90x200cm and has a height of 9cm.

High Quality ECO Mattress size 70 x 160 and Height 9 cm from Hoppekids. Made of hypoallergic foam with horizontal air canals. The mattress comes with a mattress cover. It provides a good support and a comfortable night’s sleep.

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