ECO Dream Mattress, 9 cm

Item number: 42-0609-WH-07M
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Product information

Color Size 70x160
Width (mm) 700
Length (mm) 1600
Height (mm) 90
EAN 5706558041691

Hoppekids Eco Dream Mattress is awarded the Nordic Ecolabel and is made in Denmark. ECO Dream is made of Waterlily® hypo allergenic mattress foam. with horizontal ventilation channels that ensures a good air circulation. It dispers body heat and humiditiy and provides elasticity and soft comfort – even better than cold foam.

During sleep your child’s brain develops and restitutes, this boosts growth as well as helps strengthening the immune system. A good mattress is therefore important for your child’s healthy sleep. Hoppekids think it’s important for your child to sleep safe, sound and allergy-free. When you say good night, your child sleeps sustainable on both Hoppekids bed and ECO Luxury mattress.

The ECO Dream mattress has horizontal ventilation channels that ensures a good air circulation. It dispers body heat and humiditiy and provides elasticity and soft comfort – even better than cold foam mattresses.

Waterlily is one of the most environmental friendly mattress foams on the market, this applies to both the raw materials used and the way it is disposed of. It has low emissions during usage, as well as at disposal. Surplus material from production can be reused in new raw material. The mattress contains no brominated flame retardants or other types of flame retardants

Please note that the mattress expands to its correct size after a while, we recommend letting it settle for 48 hours before using it the first time.

ECO Dream mattress is 9 cm high and is available in many sizes. Please choose your desired size in the roll down menu.

The mattress cover consists of soft bamboo fibers on the outside and felted thermowool, which conducts moisture and heat away from the body. The mattress cover can be washed, thus removing dust mites. They do not live in the mattress, only in the upholstery. Pollen from outdoors can also pollute the cover and washing the mattress cover reduces this risk. With bamboo fibers in the cover, it is hypoallergenic and this contributes to a natural breakdown of bacteria.

  • Mattress cover is washable at 60° C
  • The fabric of the cover has not been bleached
  • The mattress foam has not been bleached or dyed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fully breathable
  • Fire retardant without additives
  • The raw materials can be reused

Mattress must be inserted in mattress cover.

WATERLILY® mattress core: Made of High Resilience Flexible Polyurethane foam (PUR) – HR45145H90

  • Waterlily® mattress core
  • Ventilation channels
  • Rel. Density: Waterlily 45 kg / m3
  • Hardness: 145 Newton


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