High distance legs for bunkbed - White

Item number: 37-0041-32-000
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Suggested retail price DKK 549.00
Color White
Width (mm) 65
Length (mm) 65
Height (mm) 520
EAN 5706558043852

Long spacers Hoppekids PREMIUM High Bunk Beds PRE-A28-1, PRE-B28-1, PRE-A28-3, PRE-A28-12, PRE-A29-1, PRE-B29-1, PRE-A29-3, PRE-A29-12, PRE-A30-1, PRE-B30-1, PRE-A30-3, PRE-A30-12, PRE-A31-1, PRE-B31-1, PRE-A31-3, PRE-A31-12

Distance legs for PREMIUM High Bunk Bed from Hoppekids. The distance legs are used to combine the two bed modules. The distance legs, like the rest of the PREMIUM series, carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, have a lifetime warranty, and the surface is treated with an environmentally-friendly lacquer.